‘Neighbours’ specials to see cast culled as show turns 35′

Strewth mate, it’s going to be a huge week for the residents of Erinsborough as the Aussie soap goes big to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

On every night this week, the late-night specials will see plenty of change, with rumours that producers will kill off three characters and marry an astonishing five couples.

If you haven’t seen the soap for a couple of decades, it’s not too hard to catch up.

All you need to know is that Finn (Rob Mills) is the bad guy. He’s lost his memory of previous crimes and thought he was a good guy.

But now, unbeknown to everyone else, his memory has returned and he’s out for dastardly revenge. It’s all utterly ridiculous and brilliant at the same time.

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In tonight’s first episode, Elly, Bea, Pierce, Chloe, Roxy, Kyle and Toadie (yes, Toadie!) make their way to Pierce’s island for a glamping getaway.

They are unaware that Finn, who keeps making evil sidelong glances, has an ulterior motive.

The plan is to celebrate Elly’s birthday and promote her glamping business, but Finn goes on a deadly rampage.

Even if you haven’t watched ­Neighbours for a while, it’s worth tuning in if only for the nostalgia.

It’s much the same – beautiful people, beautiful beaches, deadly plots and ever-changing romantic liaisons.

And with a teaser trailer showing us an image of Toadie (Ryan Moloney) lying bleeding on a beach, we’ll have to find out if he makes it through the week alive. In fact, will anyone?

Neighbours late: Endgame Channel 5, 10pm

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