Neil launches GB News with savage dig at BBC – but not everyone is impressed

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Andrew Neil launched GB News with a savage take-down of the metropolitan elite, cancel culture and the BBC.

Within minutes of the channeling going live all over the country, Andrew made sure viewers knew exactly what the station stands for.

Speaking directly to the viewer at home, the broadcasting legend said: "It will not be a echo chamber for the metropolitan mindset.

"We are proud to be British – the clue is in the name.

"While we will never hold back hold back from covering our countries many flaws and problems, we will not come at every story with the conviction that Britain is always at fault, usually to blame when things go wrong. Generally useless."

Pausing to emphasising the point, Andrew added: "We won't forget what the B stands for in our title."

The comment was a clear dig at the BBC, which stands for British Broadcasting Corporation.

He continued: "We will cover the good news as well as the bad. Because, even in grim times there is much and great and uplifting to report and celebrate about our country.

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"We will entourage debate and conversation to include voices you don't hear on other news broadcast.

"We want civilised discourse, not shouting matches.

"We won't dwell on the gossip on the Westminster bubble which is too often obsessed about matters of no importance to anybody else."

Taking to Twitter to discuss the opening monologue, one viewer wrote: "Inspiring opening by Andrew Neil. It’s Looking good and it’s working fine for me."

Another hit out: "Andrew Neil complaining about the BBC? Didn't hear many complaints when he was being paid by them."

A third chimed in: "Why did Andrew Neil start by trashing every news broadcaster in the Country one which gave him employment for years and years? I reckon you will fold within a year."

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