Netflix’s Money Heist fans call out plot hole with Marseille tracking down The Professor – The Sun

NETFLIX's Money Heist fans have spotted a plot hole involving Marseille tracking down The Professor.

The highly anticipated fourth season on Netflix earlier this month and it has been criticised for failing to live up to the fans’ expectations.

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Some fans headed to Reddit to talk about the new season's narrative, which they deemed confusing.

One viewer spotted a mistake with the re-introduction of gang member Marseille in part four, who first featured in part three, and highlighted a big mistake with the Professor’s escape in the first episode of the new series.

Taking to Reddit, they wrote: “The point where Marseille found the Professor hiding in the water tank meant for the bull. How did Marseille know the Professor was there?”

The group leader and heist mastermind was hiding in a water tank with a pistol in hand ready to shoot anyone who was after him.

Thankfully for the Professor, it was Marseille who found him and another fan offered a suggestion as to how he may have known where his leader was hiding.

They explained: "I know that they had some sort of communication or GPS device, so it's a possibility."

Another user wondered where the Professor recruits his cronies, as they asked: "I know that they had some sort of communication or GPS device, so it's a possibility."

Moreover, other viewers felt that the high-stakes drama which made the show popular in the first place is getting sidetracked by the characters’ interpersonal relationships.

Elsewhere, Money Heist bosses revealed they faced calls to write villain Berlin out of the show because he is a ‘misogynist, narcissist and psychopath’.

Writer Álex Pina explained that he came under pressure to remove the charming yet psychopathic heist member from the show altogether because of his “out-of-date” views, but defended his inclusion and added he is part of what makes the show so engaging.

In a recent Netflix documentary called Money Heist: The Phenomenon made to accompany the show, Pina said: “Someone said to me, ‘This character doesn’t fit with the times. You should take him out of the series', I said I had no intention of taking him out of the series."

He added: “If television is bland it’s boring because less things happen, the audience wants things to happen, and there’s nothing better than a villain who we can empathise with.”

Money Heist season 4 is available to stream anytime on Netflix

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