No Time To Die's Runtime Revealed, Setting A James Bond Record

The new James Bond movie, No Time To Die, is looking like it might be the longest entry in the history of the 58-year-old franchise. The Regal Cinemas website (via ScreenRant) shows that No Time To Die will run for 163 minutes, or 2 hours and 43 minutes.

If this is true, that would make it the longest entry in the 007 series by far.

2015’s Spectre currently holds the length record, at 148 minutes, or 2 hours and 28 minutes. The shortest Bond movie ever was Quantum of Solace, which was only 106 minutes long, or 1 hour and 46 minutes.

As ScreenRant points out, listings by cinemas are not always accurate. Theatres listed 2019’s The Rise of Skywalker at 155 minutes, but it was actually only 142 minutes. Sony Pictures, the producers of the Bond franchise, have yet to announce an official runtime for No Time To Die.

No Time To Die is the final 007 movie with Daniel Craig in the lead role. Director Cary Fukunaga recently teased in a behind-the-scenes video that No Time To Die will tie up loose ends, of which there are many after Craig’s four previous Bond movies, and this may help explain the longer runtime.

“No Time To Die is the culmination of all that Bond has become,” Fukunaga said. “With all that he’s seen, the trauma, the loss, what is that mission that would be his most challenging and his most difficult? That was our target. Everything that was left unsaid, will finally be said.”

No Time To Die hits theatres on April 10, featuring theme music by Billie Eilish and script changes from Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The movie also stars Oscar-winner Rami Malek as the villain.

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