Our Yorkshire Farm viewers rage as final episode of show is dropped by Channel 5

Our Yorkshire Farm viewers are furious after the series was dropped from viewing schedules for the second time.

The series, which puts Amanda Owen and her family on the spotlight as they work on a farm, began in 2018.

Now fans of the show are outraged after episode eight of season four of the Channel 5 show has been removed from viewing schedules.

It was teased at the end of the previous episode but did not air in its usual 9pm slot last Tuesday.

The episode was replaced by Channel 5’s new drama Anne Boleyn – it's missing from the TV schedule this Tuesday – and the broadcaster has made no announcement about when it might air.

Now viewers have take to Twitter to discuss why Channel 5 might have removed the show.

One confused fan said: “#Channel5 #OurYorkshireFarm where's THIS programme got to? why's it been replaced with fantasy and depressing documentaries?

“As there's no shortage of both genres if we WANTED to watch such stuff rather than the #YorkshireShepherdess……#Channel5 #OurYorkshireFarm….

“Imagine having the ‘brains’ to take a programme off-air which is popular has very large viewing figures to replace it with one that isn't and doesn’t!."

Another added: “Have @channel5_tv relegated #OurYorkshireFarm to #MyFive? If so I've missed it. Hopefully back on your main channel soon?

“Great, heartwarming series so hurry up and put it back where it belongs.

“Otherwise suggest other mainstream channels @BBCOne @Channel4 sign up @AmandaOwen8”

A third viewer asked: “@channel5_tv where is Our Yorkshire Farm? Cannot believe you have just removed the last episode of the series? #OurYorkshireFarm."

Amanda, the star of the show, then took to the comment section to calm fan's fears that Channel 5 had dropped it, writing: "They haven’t dropped it.

"We will be back with a new series later in the year.”

A happy fan replied: "You just made my day.”

This week Amanda floored her Instagram fans when she share a video of herself working hard at her remote farm wearing a blue polka dot bikini.

Channel 5 has been contacted by Daily Star Online for comment.

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