Phil questions coronavirus ‘hysteria’ as family is ‘caged in house like animals’

Phillip Schofield questioned whether the reaction to the coronavirus outbreak was "hysteria" as supermarkets begin to run out of stock and people are shut in their houses.

Earlier, This Morning's Alice Beer had been interviewing a family from Wirral through the glass window of their home after they were told to self-isolate themselves after going on holiday, despite testing negative for coronavirus.

Mum Lorraine spoke via facetime from inside the property and confirmed that neither she nor her two sons, daughter or husband Carlos have any symptoms.

Her other daughter, however, stood outside the property and had to move out of the home as she had not gone on holiday with the rest of the family. As a result, he was having to deliver their shopping every day.

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Asked how she felt after having to stay in their home, Alice said: "Initially it was quite nice but the novelty has quickly worn off… we're like caged animals, it's shocking."

She also admitted that her children was beginning to get "a little argumentative" after being contained for so long and that their son Johnny was desperate to get back to school.

Questioned whether anyone had been checking up on them, Lorraine replied: We get a phone call every day from public health.

Back in the This Morning studio, Phil said: "Lots of love to the family there."

Waiting for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to speak at a conference following his COBRA meeting, Nick Ferrari described the situation as being "almost on a war footing now".

"They're trying to move to a contain and delay," Nick explained the government's next move. "Their wish is to delay until spring [because] the NHS does suffer in the winter."

Dr Yaso Browne also appeared on the ITV daytime show as Phil asked: "A lot of people could look at this and say, right ok there have been 39 cases in the UK, yet streets are empty, people are shut in their houses, supermarket shelves running out of toilet paper  and essentials and things like that.

"Is this hysteria?"

She replied hesitantly that "it's too early to say" as scientists and doctors are still learning about the virus.

The ITV programme cut to Boris Johnson's "battle plan" announcement to combat the rising tide of coronavirus.

The doomsday document warns Brits could see more troops on the streets, sports matches and schools closed and police forced to abandon low-level crime to maintain public order.

A fifth of people could be off work at once, an army of NHS staff could be pulled out of retirement and people turfed out of hospitals early – not to mention a dilemma for councils in dealing with more bodies.

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