Piers Morgan claims Madonna is gruesome attention-seeker

Madonna labelled a 'gruesome attention seeker' by Morgan

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On Monday, Madonna shared a clip on social media where she was seen throwing a pair of pink knickers into a bin. The caption to the TikTok video read, “If I don’t get the panties in the bin, I’m gay”, which sparked a frenzy among fans online. However, during his show Uncensored, Piers Morgan launched into a rant about the pop star.

“Madonna has come out with a clip of herself wearing a pair of hot pink panties, throwing them into a trash can and saying if I miss, I’m gay,” Piers began.

“It has had 1.3million views, have we got this?”

Piers proceeded to show the clip in question before turning to his guest Kate McCann.

“So my big question for you, Kate McCann is, is she now identifying as gay or is she as I suspect continuing to identify as the most gruesome attention seeker in the history of world celebrity?”

Kate laughed before replying: “I think a lot of people are still very confused about what that video was.

“I think that there’s definitely aggression there. She’s provocative, that’s what she does and what she has always done.”

As Piers protested, Kate continued: “You don’t have to necessarily like it or agree with it, but you’re talking about it.”

“I don’t even want to see it,” the host hit back as Kate added: “But you’re talking about it. She’s provocative.”

Taking a further swipe at Madonna, Piers said: “I know I’m playing into her trap.

“She wants attention, and I’m giving it to her. But honestly, utterly ridiculous.”

Madonna also came under fire from Lorraine Kelly on Monday, who admitted she didn’t recognise the singer in her video.

Lorraine discussed Madonna’s video with entertainment reporter Ross King.

“Is that actually Madonna? I don’t recognise her!” Lorraine exclaimed after watching the video.

“Honestly, what’s she done? She was so beautiful – why, why, why do women do this to themselves?

“She looks like a boiled egg, she doesn’t look like she’s got any features.”

“I’m cross because I really like her, I really do.

“I don’t understand what she’s doing there I’m not sure what that’s all about.

“As you say, we’re talking about it so that’s probably what it was.”

“Exactly,” Ross said in agreement as Lorraine added: “Just bizarre.”

Piers Morgan Uncensored airs between Monday and Thursday at 8pm on TalkTV.

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