Piers Morgan returns to Good Morning Britain with a dig at replacement host Bill Turnbull – The Sun

PIERS Morgan returned to Good Morning Britain today with a dig at replacement host Bill Turnbull.

GMB viewers were treated to Piers’ spiky return after he took weeks off to spend it in the sunshine of Los Angeles.

“Welcome back to the proper show,” he said after his February break and ran right into a clash with his co-stars.

“Wind your neck in love,” he said to Charlotte as she joked she was about to welcome him back after Susanna Reid's former BBC Breakfast co-star Bill Turnbull replaced him on the show.

And it didn’t take long for Piers to cough and joke he had Coronavirus which delighted fans who were overjoyed he is back on their screens.

One wrote: "Yippppeeeeeee!!! Mornings just got better. The Morganator is bacccccckkkkk!!! #love @piersmorgan"

A second said: "Early mornings are as they should be again, with @piersmorgan Welcome back Piers #GMB #itv"

Another added: "I have never been more happy to see @piersmorgan back on @GMB this makes my mornings a little better xxxx"

However not everyone was delighted with others demanding Bill make a comeback and permanently replace Piers.

One wrote: "@GMB arghh!

"My heart just sank @piersmorgan is back on and here he goes talking over everyone, bring back Bill Turnbull please."

A second said: "Piers is back. That's me switching off again."

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