Princess Diana’s friend recalls her pranks including egging and flouring his car

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Princess Diana’s close friend has revealed how the late Royal used to play pranks on her friends, as he reminisced about her fun side.

Dr. James Colhurst, who met Diana when they were 17 during a skiing trip, opened up about his memories of his late friend, recalling the time that she egged and floured his car in revenge for a joke he’d played on her.

Speaking as part of ITV’s documentary Diana, which airs tonight, James explained how he had decorated her first car with large ‘L’ plates and tins to wind her up – only for her to pay him back.

James explained: “She was excited about getting her first car, which was a Honda Civic.”

“I went along with my flatmate to put some oversized ‘L’ plates on it during the night and also a string of tins underneath the car on a slack piece of string.”

He laughed: “So the moment she got out in the road, she was trailing tins.”

However, James said that Diana was always one step ahead and had planned how to secretly get her own back on him.

He continued: “That night she rang up for an apparent chat and said, ‘how’s the day been?’ and I said, ‘fine.’ And I said, ‘Oh, how’s your car?’ She said, ‘Mine’s fine, how’s yours?’”

James then looked out of the window to discover that Diana had been up to no good – with hilarious consequences.

He continued: “I moved to the window to look out as it was dark by then and under the streetlight my car didn’t look quite right – she’d actually egged and floured it.”

Describing his late friend, James added: “She had a lot of energy about her, a lot of buzz. She was much brighter than people gave her credit for and fast.”

This comes after James shared his thoughts on what Diana would have made of Prince Harry’s infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey.

In an interview with Radio Times, James said he believed Diana may have encouraged the couple to attempt to fix things differently.

He explained: “I’m not sure he would have got to the interview stage. I believe she might have cautioned him beforehand to solve things in some other way.”

Diana airs Thursday 24th June at 9pm on ITV

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