Put it down! Rochelle Humes and Vernon Kay in panic as guest balances chimney on head

This Morning guest balances a chimney on his head

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Tuesday’s instalment of the ITV show saw the bizarre talent being showcased by John, 78, who appeared live via video to impress This Morning viewers. Eager to break his record, the 78-year-old carried an entire chimney on his head for a long period as he explained he was doing it for the viewers as well as charity. Temporary presenters Vernon Kay and Rochelle Humes though admitted they were “worried” as the Christmas fan didn’t seem to want to put the chimney back down.

Dressed in a Father Christmas outfit for his appearance, John explained he’d be lifting the chimney on his head.

As he balanced the huge item, he seemed to be steady on his feet but admitted he had never done it for so long before.

“I’m 78 years old and I’m running around with a chimney on my head like a young one,” he commented.

Rochelle and Vernon laughed as they watched the guest begin to stagger about.

He added: “Here I go, I better keep going. I’m doing this as long as I can for you.”

“That is absolutely fantastic,” Vernon, 47, stated.

Looking concerned, Rochelle, 32, added: “It’s brilliant… I mean how long do you do this for John?

“I’m worried. I’m getting a little bit – are we still good?” Rochelle added as panic began to set in.

Still under the weight of the heavy chimney, he replied: “I’m doing it extra special, for you.

“Just because you sound so nice in my earhole.”

“Awww,” the presenters said in unison.

“What a guy!” Vernon beamed. “Well, you know what John, you can put that down!”

Continuing to try to stand firmly on the spot, but beginning to wobble a bit, John continued: “I just want to get sponsored now for the partially sighted.”

“Absolutely,” Rochelle responded still clearly worried the chimney may topple. “Anybody who’s watching today and they-“

John cut in to add: “This is my best ever balancing this is, you know!”

Stunned, Vernon commented: “He’s keeping going!”

“He’s not stopping, he’s literally not stopping,” Rochelle observed.

“John, you can put it down if you want to!” Vernon reminded him, also concerned.

“Put it down!” Rochelle repeated as the guest began to walk and remove the chimney from his head.

Reacting to the segment, Twitter user Amy Elizabeth wrote: “John balancing a chimney on his head to raise money for the blind & partially sighted is the most heartwarming thing I’ve seen on TV all year, what an amazing man … he KEPT bringing it back to the charity Red heart #hero #ThisMorning.”

Elaine penned: “John is amazing love him what a character when he said “Did you like that” he reminded me of the great late Fred Dibnah. Well done John! #ThisMorning.”

“Well done John. Brilliant. #ThisMorning,” Jessacc commented. (sic)

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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