RHOA: Marc Daly Apologizes For Marriage Comment But Not To Kenya Moore

The marriage between Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore and Marc Daly remains in limbo. As fans wait to see what the final outcome of their union will be, the reality series continues to document their marital breakdown. 

Daly hasn’t been shown in the best light and recent comments about his marriage have him under fire. He’s released a statement of apology that does not include any words of regret towards his estranged wife.

Marc Daly overheard saying he hates being married

Daly has been viewed as dismissive and emotionally unavailable, oftentimes appearing disinterested during his interactions with Moore and constantly criticizing her parenting and personality. Moore has broken down on the show several times over her marital issues, feeling abandoned by Daly in the aftermath of giving birth to their daughter, Brooklyn.

Things have grown increasingly tense between the two over the past few episodes. Daly shot Moore down in front of the rest of the cast over her decision to not want to be around Nene Leakes, with Daly inviting her to an upcoming charity event he’s hosting in spite of Moore’s opposition. Cast members have agreed that Daly leaves Moore to fend for herself in many situations, specifically regarding Leakes, as opposed to him putting on a united front.

Things will come to a head in the upcoming episode during filming of Daly’s charity event. As Moore, hosts the event,  Daly requests that she remains seated in a preview clip. When she responds that she should mingle with the guests, he gets upset. Daly is asked if he enjoys marriage and is overheard by a cameraman saying, “No, I hate it. Everybody knows I hate it. End it.”

Upcoming ‘RHOA’ clip shows Marc Daly ignoring Kenya Moore

In another preview clip of this week’s episode, Moore admits that she’s “disappointed” in Daly’s behavior at the charity event – comparing his lack of affection and attention towards her to the other couples on the show who appear to enjoy each other’s company. Daly is filmed walking off and making snide remarks about having the presence of Bravo’s cameras – calling the entire thing “invasive.”

This isn’t the first instance of Daly allegedly having issues with filming. He refused to appear on RHOA following his marriage to Moore, only appearing in one episode to support her domestic violence awareness PSA. Andy Cohen claimed at the season 10 reunion that Daly told show producers he felt the show was a poor representation of black women.

Moore took a year hiatus from the show to focus on family. Rumors spread that her break was actually a result of Daly’s demands that their marriage not be displayed on the show. 

Marc Daly apologizes for marriage comment but excludes Kenya Moore

In light of Daly’s comments, fans believe that Moore has reached her breaking point in trying to reconcile with her husband. She recently removed her marital name from her social media account. Which once read as “Kenya Moore Daly” now simply reads “Kenya Moore” across all of her accounts.

Daly has taken note of the backlash he’s received from the show. The usually private restaurant owner – who does not have his own social media account outside of the one for his Brooklyn restaurant Soco – recently took to his business page to issue an apology for his behavior on the show.

“As a person of color, it is of paramount importance for me to showcase the positive aspects of my people, hence the reason for my involvement in the Black Man’s Lab experience. Unfortunately, my genuine attempt at doing something positive was compromised by my personal situation. For that, I sincerely apologize and take sole responsibility. I want to thank all those involved with the Black Man’s Lab for their support after the event. I would like to end by saying, I have full admiration for the organization and am always available to engage and contribute to its efforts.”

Daly’s apology had no mention of Moore. With the season coming to a close, hopefully, both Moore and Daly talk honestly about what has transpired throughout the season. 

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