RHONY fans demand Ramona Singer be fired or show be CANCELED after star's 'racist' behavior at Eboni K Williams' dinner

RHONY fans are calling for Ramona Singer to be fired over her "racist" behavior at Eboni K Williams' dinner.

Ramona sparked outrage after claiming to be a victim of racism because a Black nurse "neglected" her while she was giving birth.

It all kicked off when Eboni threw a Black Shabbat dinner party to raise awareness over the struggle of minorities.

Her friend Linara told a devastating story about how she and her son almost died in childbirth because doctors at the hospital refused to give her pain medication.

Linara explained that they thought she was a drug addict and would not believe that she was in serious pain.

Ramona was quick to counter with her own story about how a Black nurse refused to give her pain medication when she was in labor.

RHONY fans branded the Bravo star "ignorant" and for making a woman's story about systemic racism in medical institutions about her.

One raged on Twitter: "Andy Cohen, Bravo, I am BEGGING YOU – B E G G I N G YOU – to fire Ramona’s ignorant a**.

"How can you allow this behavior?! How do you stand behind her?! She is taking #RHONY down single handed."

Another added: "Y’all…Ramona interrupting Eboni’s friend while discussing medical racism… she made it about herself and did an “all lives matter”. Fire this b***h."

A third fumed: "Ramona just tried to discredit a Black woman who shared her story about giving birth.

"Not everything is about you, Ramona! @Andy FIRE RAMONA!!!"

Eboni spoke about calls for Ramona to be fired earlier this week and said that, as far as she knows, the reality star has not been axed.


"She's not fired. Let's start with that. OK, absolutely no casting decisions have been made," she said on the Chanel In The City with Chanel Omari podcast.

"People that know RHONY know that they would never even consider what next season is going to look like before reunion. And so no, nobody's fired. Stop."

The outspoken reality star was repeatedly slammed over her behavior during the Covid pandemic.

Back in January, she was slammed as "stupid" for secretly flying to St Barts after the show was halted over the virus.

This is not the first time Ramona has faced harsh criticism over her actions.


A source told Page Six at the time: “It’s very stupid. Likely she’ll have to quarantine for a while when she gets back.

“She is telling people on the island that she is keeping it as secret due to her contract with Bravo, yet she is taking pictures with people on the island and flew in on a public plane."

Earlier that month, she was branded a "super-spreader" after returning to New York from Florida.

In August of 2020, she was also roasted by her followers when she left New York "for the entire pandemic," by fleeing to both her Florida and Southampton's homes.

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