RHOSLC's Heather Gay reacts after Lisa Barlow blocks her on social media

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Heather Gay took to Twitter to share her feelings after she realized that castmate Lisa Barlow had blocked her on social media.

Lisa’s decision to block Heather came after the most recent episode of RHOSLC on which the conflict between the two women grew more intense.

After a day of skiing, they sat down for dinner and the drama began.  Heather confronted Lisa about the claim she made at Jen Shah’s party that she didn’t remember her from college.

She asked, “Lisa, how can you say, ‘All I know of Heather is that she was the ‘good time girl’ that flashed her boobs? You don’t remember me or know me at all, but you remember me flashing? I don’t get it.”

Lisa replied, “I have never done anything mean to you, and until you figure out what I trigger in you, we can’t have a good, solid conversation and move forward…thumbs up…f*ck you!”

Lisa went on to explain how a thumbs up emoji text she received from Heather was offensive.  She continued, “You sent me a thumbs up and I go, ‘Heather, you know that’s a f**k you.”

Heather snapped back and said, “Two thumbs up is the ‘F you,’ and that’s a universal text code,”.

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Heather throws jabs at Lisa

The meaning of the thumbs-up emoji became the center of Heather and Lisa’s latest argument, and Heather took the opportunity to use it when she realized Lisa blocked her on social media.

Heather used her new knowledge of the thumbs-up emoji in a Twitter post.  She wrote, “Lisa: blocks me on Twitter and blocks her IG stories…Me: [thumbs up emoji]. ”

Fans react

Fans were quick to react to Heather’s post and many were surprised at the meaning of the emoji themselves.

One fan wrote, “I did not know that the [thumbs up emoji] meant f*ck you!  I am hoping my friends didn’t either bc we all us it in messages to each other quite often.”

Another follower agreed and said, “I had no idea that Thumbs Up was a FU.  I thought it meant ‘I saw your message/tweet and agreeing…is it really an FU emoji?”

Some felt there was a better way to get her point across and reminded Heather of another emoji that is much more direct and to the point.  The fan wrote, “You know there is actually a middle finger emoji?  Next time be blunt and just use that.”

While the true meaning of the thumbs-up emoji seems to be up for debate, it doesn’t look like Heather and Lisa will be squashing their beef any time soon.

We are only two episodes into the premiere season of RHOSLC and we have already seen feuds starting over hospital smells and thumbs-up emojis.

With several episodes left, we can only imagine what else the ladies of Salt Lake City have in store.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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