Saved by the Bell’s reboot trailer has mixed reaction from fans

The Saved by the Bell reboot trailer was released on Thursday morning – and needless to say that fans of the originals 80s series have had a mixed response to the first look footage. One person wrote: “I’m a huge Saved By The Bell fan and now I’ve lost all interest. Why isn’t it filmed like the original series? Why does it not feel lighthearted, cheesy and fun?” Another added: “This is missing all the low budget, campy, cheesy sets, bad one-liners, and cheesy-over-the-top-acting…all of which made Saved By The Bell so good back in the day.” Watch the trailer yourself here… 

WATCH: The new Saved by the Bell trailer

The response wasn’t all bad, as others spoke about how much they were looking forward to the updated version of the classic show. In the reboot, Zack Morris is now the Governor of California, and after closing too many low income high schools, suggests that the affected students are sent to the best schools in the state including Bayside High, which is attended by his son Mac. 

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