Spoilers: Ali kidnaps Maria in Corrie joyriding terror

Ali Neeson (James Burrows) has repeatedly attempted to make Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) see sense in regards to her relationship with Gary Windass (Mikey North) in Coronation Street to no avail, but — after a harrowing experience in the coming episodes — the doctor takes drastic action in order to make Maria see the truth, as he takes her on a joy ride.

Gary asks Sharon — who drops by his furniture store to pick up Rick’s old client list — to teach Ali a lesson and, later, the doctor suddenly collapses while at work.

Toyah (Georgia Taylor) and Dr Gaddas rush to check on him — which prompts Toyah to reveal that the doc may have taken an overdose of diazepam.

Ali is later loaded into the ambulance — much to Gary and Maria’s horror — and thus Gary contacts Sharon, informing her that if anything happens to Ali then she is to blame.

Thankfully, Ali later regains consciousness, but — after learning what caused him to collapse in the first place — he’s more confused than ever, and swears that he never took any diazepam. In spite of him professing his innocence, Ryan (Ryan Preston) isn’t convinced.

Having put two and two together, Ali comes to believe that Gary was responsible for what transpired, but Ryan refuses to believe such a thing, as he believes his brother to simply be in denial.

Determined to prove that Gary’s the one to blame, Ali sets off in search of clues, and — later — Maria spots him in his car, and gets in, before she quizzes him about the overdose.

Ali locks a confused Maria in the vehicle, and opens up about his theory, revealing that he suspects Gary of having spiked his drink. Maria attempts to open the door to no avail, and Ali starts the car and drives off.

Maria pleads with him to stop, but Ali simply continues to drive the car erratically.

Eventually, he lets Maria out and — as she returns home — she hugs Gary and informs him about what happened, revealing that Ali suspects him of having spiked his drink.

Will Ali’s joy ride have made Maria see sense?

Or will she become afraid of Ali?

One to watch: Wednesday 11 March at 8:30pm

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