Spoilers: Belle is left devastated by a discovery in Emmerdale

Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) and Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) gave into temptation in Emmerdale and slept together on the night in which Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) met his demise, and the pair have struggled with their feelings for one another ever since, and thus Belle is shocked in the coming episodes when she discovers that Jamie has rekindled his relationship with Andrea (Anna Nightingale).

The chemistry between Belle and Jamie has been apparent for several months now, as they’ve continually sought solace in one another when a crisis took place. Following Jamie’s altercation with Graham on the day in which he died, Belle was on hand to support him and look after him — which seemingly resulted in passion ensuing, as the pair ended up spending the night together.

Jamie found himself riddled with guilt as a result of his actions — especially after Andrea proceeded to give him an alibi — and thus he and Belle resolved to keep their night of passion a secret.

In the coming episodes, Andrea sets out to get revenge on Kim (Claire King), and thus decides to play dirty by setting up a camera, before delivering an award-worthy performance in the hopes that it will result in her confessing to conspiring to kill Graham.

Andrea seemingly succeeds in her mission, but is her excitement a bit premature?

Regardless, she explains what she knows to Jaimie, who’s confused by what he’s heard. As a result, he heads up to Home Farm and berates his mum for all that she’s done to both Andrea and Belle, before telling her to stay away from both he and Millie.

Meanwhile, Andrea hopes that — with Kim out of his life — Jamie might forgive her and they’d be able to get back together.

The following day, Belle’s shocked when she sees for herself that Andrea and Jamie are, in fact, back together.

One to watch: Thursday 19 March at 7pm on ITV. 

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