Spoilers: Jean gets Daniel's last beautiful surprise after his EastEnders death

Even after his death, Daniel Cook (Adrian Edmondson) is still able to surprise Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) with touching acts of kindness in EastEnders. Yesterday, after Jean got the all clear from her own results, she and Daniel went for a walk, with Jean painfully aware that time was running out.

As they shared some last jokes together, Jean headed to get Daniel a drink of cocoa and returned to find that he had passed away. Tonight her loved ones were expecting her to be struck by grief but Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) and Mo Harris (Laila Harris) were struck and concerned by how upbeat she seemed.

She had promised Daniel in their last conversation that she was going to keep being fierce Jean and they had previously talked about death and mortality as a natural inevitability. Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) reminded Mo that Jean is a lot stronger than they give her credit for and soon, she was delving into making plans for his funeral.

Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) came to talk to her about it but as she spoke about elaborate ideas she had which would suit Daniel’s final goodbye, Stuart told her that he had been very specific about not wanting a service or a special burial.

Jean was momentarily deflated when it seemed like there was nothing left to do but Stuart told her that Daniel had left a sum of money to Coker’s, which would be a fund for people who couldn’t afford funerals for those they love.

As Jean commented that this was just the type of man Dabiel was, she and Stuart remembered one of his jokes and she was able to laugh about it, masking her hurt and remembering Daniel as he wanted to be remembered.

And it has shown that he has definitely proven to be a strengthening and positive influence on her life who she won’t ever forget.

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