Spoilers: Keegan and Tiffany find wedding ring in EastEnders' latest bins story

It may not have been the romantic moment that he had in mind but Keegan Baker (Zack Morris) has managed to poresent wife Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) with a wedding ring – after pawing through the infamous EastEnders bins while covering his modesty with a towel.

The original plan had been for Keegan to hide a ring inside a cupcake – not at all a choking hazard – but Tiffany ended up not fancying the sweet treat and she chucked it away. As she wondered what Keegan had been up to all day, the bin men were hard at work for once, clearing away the bin bags.

But when Keegan found out that the cake was among the rubbish, he rushed out from having a shower as a crowd gathered. And dived into the bin lorry, pulling out bags and bags of waste.

He and Tiffany raked through all of the debris as the amused locals looked on and they eventually found the lost cake. Keegan got down on one knee and told Tiffany how much he loved her before placing the ring on her finger and they embraced and kissed happily.

He may have been half naked, a little bit chilly and stinking of bin bags but Keegan can still manage to melt a heart or two. Tiffany’s a lucky lady!

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