Spoilers: Rainie is tormented and nervous about Max in EastEnders

Rainie Highway (Tanya Franks) was stunned when Max Branning (Jake Wood) left baby Abi on her doorstep before his departure in EastEnders.

Rainie and Max’s relationship over baby Abi has never been a happy one. The two of them constantly fought over custody issues and let’s not forget, Max actually paid Rainie to marry him in order to convince the authorities to give him custody of baby Abi!

Now Rainie is happily married to Stuart (Ricky Champ), the two of them are currently on a surrogacy journey, searching for the perfect person to carry their child due to Rainie’s infertility.

Rainie misses Abi dearly when Jack (Scott Maslen) takes her to see Max in upcoming EastEnders episodes and as Tanya Franks explained, Rainie’s worries increase when she and Stuart fail to hear how Abi is:

‘She’s worried because Abi’s in Paris and they’re not hearing anything from them. I think whenever Abi is in Max’s company, there’s always question mark for Rainie.

They would love to speak to her but they’re guessing she’s having a great time and Rainie is trying to keep her feelings in check about her.’

‘She never knows what Max is going to do’ Tanya explained when asked how Rainie feels about her set up with Max.

‘She always has her antenna up when it comes to Max, she wasn’t comfortable about Abi going abroad to spend time over there anyway when Jack took her over – but what can she do?

She’s got joint custody with Max, but it just doesn’t sit well with Rainie.’

Away from her stresses with Max, Rainie’s also dealing with the possibility that Bernie (Clair Norris) may become her surrogate.

Viewers will remember Bernie has already suffered a miscarriage and as Tanya added, the fact that Bernie has been through so much already isn’t helping to put her character’s mind at ease:

‘She knows that Bernie does seem to be absolutely committed to making this happen but of course, Rainie has a big question mark. They don’t want to go down a road with somebody and find out that biologically it’s not going to work out. But right now this does seem to be the best choice. Bernie is coming across as someone who is completely committed to the surrogacy. So that is a bit of a dilemma for Rainie because she’s nervous to go headlong into it.

There is a question of whether she should be looking at other surrogates and meeting with other people. She doesn’t want to waste any more time on this but she wants it to be the absolute right person.’

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