Spoilers: Shock twist as Kim is arrested for trying to kill Graham in Emmerdale

Kim Tate’s (Claire King) freedom hangs in the balance after tonight’s visit to Emmerdale, as she was arrested for conspiring to kill Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough), but — as a shocked Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) watched in horror, the question remains: who handed the Tate matriarch into the police?

With Andrea (Anna Nightingale) having come to believe that Kim put out a hit on Graham, she informed Jamie of her fears during last night’s episode. The young man subsequently paid his mum a visit, and — in spite of her initial fears — Kim eventually revealed that she did, in fact, pay to have her husband murdered.

Andrea was fuming when she discovered that Kim had talked Jamie round, and therefore issued him with an ultimatum, telling him to choose between his mother or his daughter.

During tonight’s episode, Andrea clarified her terms for Jamie, informing him that she wants sole custody of Millie if he refuses to hand Kim into the police, and thus she telephoned a solicitor to set things in motion.

However, Kim wasn’t ready to lose her family, and therefore told Jamie to pick Millie over her but, before long, she came up with a fighting plan, as she threatened Andrea — promising to ‘obliterate’ her if she doesn’t let this drop.

Andrea seemingly decided against telling the police about Kim conspiring to murder Graham — but she did, however, tell Rhona (Zoe Henry), who proceeded to tell Marlon (Mark Charnock).

As the episode came to a close, the police arrived at Home Farm and proceeded to arrest Kim for conspiracy to commit murder — leaving the Tate matriarch and her clan completely and utterly shocked.

With Andrea, Jamie, Rhona and Marlon the only ones who know the truth, the question remains: who’s responsible for getting Kim arrested?

Jamie is likely out of the question considering how desperate he was to ensure Kim remained in his life, but Andrea certainly has motive — even more so after Kim’s threat. Rhona has more ammunition than most given the animosity between her and Kim, and Marlon has had enough of everyone pointing the finger at him, so perhaps he took drastic action?

Whoever it is, they’ll no doubt feel the wrath of Kim Tate — that is, unless she goes to prison.

Emmerdale continues Thursday 5 March at 7pm and 8pm on ITV.

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