Spoilers: Suicide torment for Sharon in EastEnders

Sharon Mitchell’s (Letitia Dean) world came crashing down in EastEnders when she learned that Dennis Rickman (Bleu Landau) had died in the boat tragedy, and she’s been evidently struggling to cope ever since. During tonight’s episode, she contemplated taking her own life, but — after staring at photos of her beloved Denny — she was unable to go through with it.

Sharon hasn’t spoken much about how she’s feeling since the loss of her son, and — during tonight’s episode — she masked her grief once more, as she set off — claiming to have things to do.

After promising Karen (Lorraine Stanley) a visit with the baby, she headed round to the Taylors’ flat to deliver on her promise. While there, Karen took it upon herself to name the baby — and Sharon wasn’t all that perturbed, as her mind was elsewhere.

She used a set of keys to get into the Mitchell household, where she proceeded to look at — and reminisce over — old photos of Denny.

Meanwhile, the Beales celebrated Peter’s (Dayle Hudson) return and Bobby’s (Clay Milner Russell) release from hospital with a family meal — during which Lexi revealed to Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) that Ben (Max Bowden) had lost his hearing in the accident. Having felt a headache come on, Kathy went to the bathroom, but she discovered all the pills were missing.

She relayed her discovery to Ian (Adam Woodyatt), who was horrified when he put two and two together, as Kathy revealed that her keys to the Mitchells’ home had been stolen.

Ian rushed round to the Mitchells to find an emotional Sharon sitting at the table — and the pills lying in front of her — as she revealed she couldn’t go through with her plan, before breaking down in his arms.

Ian reminded Sharon of all that she has to live for — claiming that she has to live in order to keep Dennis’ memory alive.

EastEnders continues Friday 28 February at 8:30pm on ITV.

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