'Survivor 40: Winners at War': Natalie Anderson Explained Why She Sold the Advantage to Sarah Lacina

After nearly six years, 33-year-old New Jersey-based CrossFit coach Natalie Anderson returned to Survivor to compete for a record-breaking $2 million prize in the 40th season, Winners at War. Ever since her tribe voted her to the Edge of Extinction first, the San Juan del Sur champ has found several advantages. In a Twitter exchange, she explained why she chose to sell the steal-a-vote to Sarah Lacina.

Natalie Anderson on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’

For the first time since her win in San Juan del Sur, or Blood vs. Water 2, Natalie Anderson returned for Winners at War. Even though she was placed on a tribe alongside her longtime ally, Jeremy Collins, their tribemates saw the pre-existing relationship as threatening and promptly voted her off first.

Once she arrived at the Edge of Extinction, she found a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol. Because advantages have no use on the Edge, Anderson had to sell it to an active player in the game.

She chose Sandra Diaz-Twine due to the large target the two-time champ has on her back. The Pearl Islands and Heroes vs. Villains winner agreed, earning the 33-year-old one token.

Once Amber Mariano arrived at EOE, the two walked around the entire island before Anderson found another advantage in the water well. The power allowed the player to leave Tribal Council and return to camp, saving them, but taking away their vote as well.

She successfully sold it to her ally, Collins, who landed in the bottom after her elimination. In the most recent episode, Danni Boatwright joined the CrossFit coach and All-Stars winner on the Edge.

Again, Anderson decoded the clues first to solve the combination lock and found another advantage, this one a clue to a steal-a-vote located at the other tribe.

She sold it to Sarah Lacina, bringing her fire token total to three, but the episode didn’t detail why Anderson selected the police officer.

Natalie Anderson explained why she sold the advantage to Sarah Lacina

To retrieve the steal-a-vote, Lacina had to sneak into the other camp and find the advantage, located in one of their torches. With the help of fellow police officer and Cops-R-Us ally, Tony Vlachos, she disguised herself and snuck into the other camp.

The Game Changers champ quickly spotted the torches, but it took her a while to find the advantage. Even though Ben Driebergen almost woke up and caught her, she successfully obtained the steal-a-vote and “bolted” back to her camp.

After the episode, a follower asked the New Jersey-native why she chose to sell Lacina the advantage. Anderson answered, “She is a cop, and I knew she would be up for the risk.”

The 33-year-old also noted, “she had Tony [Vlachos] to help her, and she had a token to spare.” Additionally, she knew the risk involved in retrieving the advantage, so she “picked her based on the highest odds of getting paid.”

With three tokens, Anderson currently holds the most fire tokens, which gives her the biggest advantage if she wins her way back into the game. Watch her journey on Survivor 40: Winners at War Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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