Teen Mom Amber Portwood slams ‘irrelevant’ 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson for saying her relationships are ‘messy’ – The Sun

AMBER Portwood has hit back at 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson, calling the reality star "irrelevant" after she criticized Amber's "messy" romances.

Teen Mom star Amber took to social media to discuss the "ignorant article about somebody named Ashley," adding: "The one thing I have to say is you're irrelevant in every single way. Keep my name out of your mouth, keep my boyfriend's name out of your mouth."

She went on: "Apparently, if I've known a man for over a year… I know about visas and waivers etc, and I can compare to whatever I want, and understood everything that was said however if my boyfriend feels offended then I will defend.

"Do not accuse me of doing things I did not do because if I did them I wouldn't be sitting here and I wouldn't be talking to you.

"I can't even remember your last name, sorry, I am sure you remember mine."

Amber continued: "So you have a good day and stay irrelevant, well, you're relevant now, you're welcome."

The comments came after Amber was seemingly offended by a comparison between her romance with Belgian boyfriend Demetri, and the TLC show 90 Day Fiance, which follows couples who begin the process of applying for the K-1 visa in the US.

The post on a fan account compared Amber to 90 Day Fiance star Geoffrey Paschel, who has been accused by multiple ex-wives and ex-girlfriends of brutal physical abuse.

Fans of TMOG will remember that Amber is currently on probation from the arrest against her ex Andrew Glennon for domestic violence, which caused the end of their relationship.

On October 31, 2019, she accepted a plea deal and is required to complete parenting classes and 26 weeks of Batterers' Intervention Program.

Amber shared a series of irate comments in which she claimed the comparison was "offensive".

In response, Ashley reminded Amber that the couples on the show do not meet at the beginning of the 90 days, and are in fact, often in real long-distance relationships for years before applying for the visa.

Ashley said: "And quite frankly, acting offended by the show and the relationships kinda is dumb considering, well, her and her relationships are more messy than most 90 Day couples."

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