'The Bachelor': Chris Harrison Says Madison Prewett ‘May Have Changed the Entire Direction of Peter's Life’

While Peter Weber‘s season of The Bachelor is coming to a conclusion, it’s just starting to get interesting. Producer and host Chris Harrison has said Weber’s season would be unlike other seasons of The Bachelor, calling Weber’s ending “gut-wrenching.” After a whirlwind of a week with Fantasy Suites, fans of the show are wondering who Weber will end up with at the end of the season. 

It wasn’t until recently that fan-favorite Madison Prewett started having a tough time on the show. After giving Weber an ultimatum, she struggled with his decision to be intimate with the other remaining women, Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller. After the rose ceremony for hometown week, Harrison gave Prewett a chance to clear the air with Weber and explain exactly what her personal choice to save herself for marriage really meant. But Harrison says what she did instead “may have changed the entire direction of Peter’s life.” 

Madison Prewett’s ultimatum

Prewett has made it know throughout the season that she is saving herself for marriage, but it wasn’t until just before Fantasy Suite week that she made her choice known to Weber. Before flying to Australia for her Fantasy Suite date, Prewett asked for time with Weber. Traditionally, producers don’t allow the women to meet with the bachelor after a rose ceremony, but Harrison said they made an exception in Prewett’s case. 

In an interview on The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast, Harrison explained how he hoped Prewett would “come clean” to Weber about her decision to save herself for marriage. “We thought ‘Hey, she’s going to come clean. She’s going to tell him she’s a virgin.’ By the way, she’s not even comfortable with that word,” Harrison explained. Instead of being clear about her choice, Prewett danced around the matter at hand and never actually expressed that she was still a virgin.

Prewett prefers to say she’s saving herself for marriage as opposed to saying that she is a virgin. When she tells Weber that her intention is to save herself for her future husband, Prewett doesn’t necessarily lie, but she doesn’t give Weber the whole truth, either. Harrison said, “she only gave him really enough information to fail.”

How Madison Prewett may have ‘changed Peter Weber’s entire life’ 

While it all comes down to semantics, Harrison says the point is that Prewett wasn’t completely honest with Weber. Instead, her truth was vague. 

Her failure was she really never came clean and she really never gave herself to [Weber] in that way emotionally where he needed to know the truth and to hear all this and that may have changed the entire direction of [Weber’s] life.

Prewett cuts her Fantasy Suite date short, leaving Weber after he reveals that he was intimate during his other dates that week. Fans are waiting to confirm if Prewett is definitely one of Weber’s final two or if she is really gone for good. 


What to expect on ‘The Bachelor’ finale 

With the “Women Tell All” episode coming up, fans can expect plenty of truths to be revealed. Victoria Fuller will be in attendance, but fans are wondering if she’ll open up about her controversial past. In addition, Bachelor Nation can expect to see plenty of old drama stirred up by the women of Weber’s season. 

As for the finale of The Bachelor, that’s even more of a mystery. With so many fan theories circulating about Weber ending up with a producer, it’s hard to say who he is going to end up with in the end, if he ends up with anyone at all.

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