'The Bachelor': Did Peter Weber Ruin His Season?

On The Bachelor, the week of Fantasy Suites is a telling one. It’s the bachelor’s chance to take each of the relationships he’s in to the next level. While each of the women who agree to be on the show have a basic understanding of what Fantasy Suites are, that doesn’t mean it has to sit well with them. That has certainly been the case for one of Peter Weber’s final three, Madison Prewett.

When it was revealed that Weber had been intimate with the other two women left on the show, Prewett was emotionally distraught to the point where she couldn’t see her relationship with Weber going any further. Weber’s decision to be intimate during his Fantasy Suite dates is not an uncommon one, but a lot of fans are upset about Weber’s approach. As this season of The Bachelor comes to an end, many people are wondering if Weber’s decision has ruined his season altogether.

Madison’s ultimatum 

Throughout this season of The Bachelor, Prewett has made her religious beliefs very clear. As a woman connected to her faith, Prewett has decided to save herself for marriage. This decision was strongly reiterated during hometown visits, and again prior to Fantasy Suite week. Prewett made it clear to Weber that she was going to struggle with their relationship if he was intimate with other women. Weber was visibly disappointed, but proceeded to spend the night with Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller in their Fantasy Suites anyway.

The problem with Peter’s actions 

Knowing full well that Madison Prewett was going to be upset about his intimacy with the others, Weber chose to do it anyway. When Prewett confronted Weber about his actions, he replied: 

Honestly, Madi, like, I have been going through a lot in the past week. Because of what you did. You know, a lot of this revolves around the whole intimacy thing, and honestly I’ve been torn because the fact of the matter is that I do have the two other relationships right now.

Prewett later pointed out how at the end of their time together, Weber would be down on one knee asking someone to marry him. Knowing that he had slept with other people less than a week prior, Prewett said she wouldn’t be able to “…wrap [her] mind around it,” let alone move forward in their relationship.

In an article from The Daily Beast, Weber’s actions are compared to that of a “…wayward freshman-year-of-college boyfriend” who chooses to beg for forgiveness instead of asking for permission — an accurate and yet telling truth. The relatability of Prewett’s situation has sparked something throughout Bachelor Nation, who have rallied behind the Alabama native in support of her sticking to her morals.

Is Madison done with ‘The Bachelor’? 

Prewett’s struggle was made clear after she excused herself from the table. Weber found Prewett crying outside of the venue, and in an attempt to remedy the situation, Weber pleaded: “Madi, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I hate this situation right now. So much, and like, I know how frickin’ tough this is for you. I can’t lose you.” 

Despite making her beliefs and desires clear to Weber leading up to the Fantasy Suites, Prewett decided to walk away and not spend the night with him. It’s still unclear whether she will remove herself from the show entirely or she’ll finish this journey, but one thing is for certain — Weber’s actions have certainly impacted the future of his relationship with Prewett.

Is Peter in the wrong? 

Again, Weber’s decision is not an uncommon one. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and at the end of the day, anyone who puts themselves in that situation that is The Bachelor has some understanding of what they’re getting into.

Regardless of her personal beliefs, Prewett understood what she signed up for. After all, part of Weber’s claim to fame is his windmill Fantasy Suite with previous bachelorette, Hannah Brown. Despite all of that, it seems as though Bachelor Nation has taken Prewett’s side in all of this.

Weber has expressed similar sentiments regarding his feelings towards Sluss and Prewett, making it difficult to determine which woman he ends up with. Regardless, Weber’s attitude towards Prewett have made her seem like a favorite thus far. However, after a distressing decision, that may no longer be the case. 

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