'The Challenge: All Stars': Paramount+ Hasn't Renewed the Series for Season 2 Yet

Fans of MTV’s The Challenge adore The Challenge: All Stars. The reality series brought back fan favorites from years past to compete for $500,000 in grueling eliminations and a multi-day final. While there’s plenty of talk about future seasons of the show on MTV, fans noticed Paramount+ has yet to renew All Stars. Will the show get green-lit for season 2?

Mark Long wants to see ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ continue

All Stars wouldn’t have happened without contestant Mark Long. Long took to Twitter to push the idea, as he competed on MTV’s The Challenge years ago and wanted to try the competition series again. Thankfully, producers loved his idea, and he was able to get the show off the ground. But he’s not finished yet. Long wants to see the show continue so he can eventually compete against the younger, less experienced Challenge competitors.

“I don’t know if it’s because I’m crazy but I still watch today and think, ‘Man, I think I could do that. I think I can be very competitive in there,’” Long explained to Entertainment Weekly. “Even though I’m 49, I think I could whoop Fessy’s a** in a Hall Brawl. I say that to myself all the time.”

As for Long’s ultimate plan for the show, he wants to have “the Super Bowl of The Challenge,” where the old school and new school players can go head to head. “My perfect dream of this, if I could script the future for the OG All Stars, would be that we probably do multiple seasons and then at some point have the biggest moment of reality television when the OGs go up against the new kids that’s airing now,” he added.

Paramount+ hasn’t renewed the series for season 2 just yet

Fans of MTV’s The Challenge love The Challenge: All Stars. While MTV’s show compels viewers with the newbies and younger cast, fans adore seeing the original players in their element. The show also has a fun, less serious vibe than the latest MTV seasons. With that said, Paramount+ still hasn’t renewed the series for season 2 — and part two of season 1’s finale airs May 26, 2021.

Given all the love All Stars receives, fans think it’ll get approved for another season, though. Approval will likely happen after the entire season plus the reunion airs.

“Mark Long has been alluding to it,” a fan said on Reddit regarding season 2. “Challenge Mania [podcast] keeps vaguely mentioning it. Mark Long said this week he finished a project and had a Challenge jersey on. Also last year it wasn’t announced that The Challenge got picked up for season 36 until after it [aired] and it had amazing ratings.”

“I saw someone say they called up Paramount+ about an issue with the show and the customer service person mentioned this was one of their most popular shows,” another Reddit fan said. “Make what you want from that.”

Is ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ on MTV?

So, will The Challenge: All Stars and MTV’s The Challenge ever live on the same network? It’s unlikely. If Paramount+ gives the green light for a season 2 of All Stars, it’s likely the show is doing very well on the streaming service, thus they’ll want to keep it.

As for where a crossover season of MTV’s The Challenge and All Stars would live, we’re not sure. Perhaps the two networks could come together to both air the show. We’ll have to wait and see if the idea ever comes to fruition.

For now, fans can tune in to the end of All Stars Season 1 only on Paramount+.

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