The Flash promotes Allegra actress Kayla Compton to series regular in season 7 – The Sun

THE Flash are continuing to bulk up their cast for season 7, welcoming Kayla Compton (Allegra Garcia) as a series regular.

Compton's character, Allegra, who appears in the franchise's comics, was brought aboard by The Flash show-runners Eric Wallace, Fabrizio Florentino and Cliff Richards.

Allegra is the daughter of the villainous Eduardo Reyes (Wavelength), although her backstory was adapted somewhat for The CW series.

Compton’s character serves as Iris West-Allen’s intern at The Central City Citizen.

Allegra is meta-human who is also a reformed criminal, pouring herself into a budding journalism career.

Allegra’s powers include manipulating electromagnetic waves and emitting UV light pulses.

She’s used her powers to help out Team Flash on more than one occasion, proving that she isn't doomed to follow in her father's footsteps.

Recently, it was also revealed that Allegra shares a connection with Nash Wells (Tom Cavanaugh).

Whilst helping Nash out with a project, Allegra spotted a picture of Nash and what appears to be her doppelgänger.

When confronted, Nash suggested that the doppelgänger, was "not my daughter, exactly," but an "ex-employee who made a bad call."

Recent episodes revealed that one of Allerga’s pre-crisis doppelgängers is the daughter of Nash Wells, explaining the Polaroid.

The addition to the cast comes after Brandon McKnight was bumped up to series regular for season 7 as well.

McKnight plays Chester P. Runk in The CW series.

The Flash returns with a new episode on Tuesday March 10 at 8pm on The CW.

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