The Last Kingdom: Will Uhtred fight against Wihtgar in revenge plot?

The Last Kingdom: Father Beocca is killed in dramatic scene

The Last Kingdom season five is in the making and viewers are keen to know what is in store for Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon). In season four, Uhtred attempted to claim back his homeland of Bebbanburg from his uncle Aelfric (Joseph Millson) and cousin Wihtgar (Ossian Perret). The journey ended in disaster, and fans are wondering whether Uhtred will get his revenge on Wihtgar in the upcoming season.

Will Uhtred fight against Wihtgar in revenge plot?

Season four of The Last Kingdom began in the most tragic way, with the death of one of the show’s best-loved characters.

Uhtred had convinced his lifelong friend Father Beocca (Ian Hart) to travel with him and his comrades to Bebbanburg, to win back his birthright.

When they arrived in Bebbanburg, Uhtred was shocked to see his cousin Wihtgar had also joined his uncle Aelfric and was running the kingdom.

Uhtred had no idea Wihtgar was alive, as he was believed to have drowned, but he was very much alive and rounded up some warriors to defend Bebbanburg.

Wihtgar ended up capturing Uhtred’s son, Young Uhtred (Finn Elliot) and he was about to shoot him with an arrow when Beocca jumped in the way and took the deadly blow.

Wihtgar even killed his own father, shooting him in the eye with an arrow, which meant the citizens of Bebbanburg then pledged themselves to Wihtgar.

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Uhtred was heartbroken to see Father Beocca take the fall, and he managed to kill some of Wihtgar’s men in a fit of rage.

But they were forced to retreat as they were outnumbered and Beocca’s body was left behind. Wihtgar and his men attempted to sink Uhtred’s boat as he escaped with his men, but he failed.

Wihtgar reassured his men Uhtred would not last the night, so he has presumed Uhtred drowned after he fled.

Fans are waiting to see if Uhtred will return to Bebbanburg to kill Wihtgar, and get justice for his old friend Beocca.

They took to Reddit to share their thoughts on Uhtred and Wihtgar going head to head in battle in the upcoming season five.

Felldownstairs22 said: “Now I am just waiting for Uhtred to kill that b** Wihtgar.”

Another fan said: “Wihtgar is such a cool bad guy though, we’ll be seeing him again though I’m sure.”

Fans were disappointed they did not see more of Wihtgar after the death of Beocca, and they are hoping he becomes an even bigger villain.

Actor Perret spoke about his character, telling Netflix Wihtgar is “ruthless”, “cunning” and “wild”.

Before he took over as Lord of Bebbanburg, Wihtgar had been sailing around the North of Africa and South of Spain, exploring different lands.

He was drawn back to Bebbanburg when he heard it was under threat by Uhtred and his men. Wihtgar and Uhtred had never seen eye to eye, even as children.

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Speaking about playing the villain, he said: “Every baddie, I think, they are good guys. Every baddie is their own hero, if that makes sense. So, Wihtgar is the hero of his story. In his eyes he’s doing no wrong.”

Some fans have predicted Wihtgar will die in the upcoming season, with Cairan_Parkinson saying on Reddit: “I really hope we get an Uhtred vs Wihtgar sword fight scene.”

Wihtgar was a supporting character in The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell, on which the TV series is based.

He only appeared in two novels, but fans are hoping he takes on a bigger role in the upcoming episodes, as they would love to see Uhtred face his enemy once more.

Some viewers have wondered whether Uhtred will return to Bebbanburg again, as his loyalty now lies with the Wessex heir, Aethelstan (Caspar Griffiths).

There is a chance if Wihtgar finds out Uhtred is still alive, he may send an army to hunt him down and kill him.

Wihtgar is determined to get Uhtred out of the picture, so there is every chance he will do whatever it takes to track him down.

Alternatively, Uhtred and his men may make one last-ditch attempt to claim back Bebbanburg so that Beocca can be at peace.

Actor Dreymon previously said he hoped Uhtred would win back his homeland eventually, and many fans are behind him.

The challenge will definitely be tough, as Wihtgar is not prepared to give up his title as Lord of Bebbanburg any time soon.

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