The Nest’s Kaya actress reveals ‘more secrets will be exposed’ in the series finale after baby bombshell – The Sun

THE Nest's Kaya actress has revealed that 'more secrets will be exposed' in tonight's series finale.

Mirren Mack, who plays the troubled teenager in the BBC One drama, has lifted the lid on what the future holds for the Scottish lass now she has given birth to Emily (Sophie Rundle) and Dan's (Martin Compston) child after agreeing to be a surrogate for them.

The 22-year-old, who is most well-known for her role as Florence in the hit Netflix series Sex Education, has teased that viewers are going to have to come to terms with some unexpected twists and turns in the final episode.

She told "I can't give away too many teasers but as you can imagine after such a difficult and early birth, both Kaya and the baby will be spending the next little while in hospital as they recover.

"Secrets of the past begin to emerge and come to light for a few characters, including Kaya, and I'll be interested to hear what the audience make of it all!"

The actress went on to hint that shocking information about the teen's social workers will also distress fans as the episode continues to unfold.

She added: “There is definitely more than meets the eye to each one of these characters as they all have their own baggage and secrets, the social workers James and Janis included.

"I can't reveal what the baggage or stories are but before the series ends I think you get to know each of them a little better," she explained.

The latest BBC drama has followed the story of Kaya McDermott – an 18-year-old girl who has been hiding some dark secrets from Dan and Emily – the wealthy couple she's carrying a baby for.

She met Emily after she accidentally hit her whilst driving her car and when she was being treated for her injuries in hospital, Kaya witnessed Dan's sister miscarry the couple's baby.

Kaya soon offered up the idea of becoming a surrogate for the wealthy couple and Emily thought that it would be a good idea to take her up on the offer considering they had one embryo left.

At first, businessman Dan was not happy about the idea of a random girl carrying their child, but after some persuasion he got used to the idea and even allowed her to move into their home.

Things took a turn for the worst when he discovered that Kaya killed a pregnant woman when she was 11-years-old and she was given a new name to protect her from anyone recognising her from the case.

When Kaya realised the couple had found out about her real identity she ran away and seriously injured herself, which resulted in her having to undergo an emergency C-section.

In last night's episode Dan and Emily were told the shocking news that the baby they were holding didn't biologically belong to either Kaya or Emily, leaving the pair heartbroken.

A distraught Emily decided to try and figure out what had happened at the clinic for it all to go so wrong and stumbled across something that might mean someone else is hiding a secret of their own.

You can watch The Nest's finale tonight on BBC One at 9pm. 

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