The real reason Black Ink Crew’s Alex is suing Teddy and Ceasar

Black Ink Crew is packed with love, heartbreak, friendship problems, and wild drama galore — all hallmarks of a great reality television show. It hits the spot after a long day at work or a lazy weekend, but legal problems are now entangling our favorite VH1 series and jeopardizing its future.

According to TMZ, Alex Robinson (pictured right) is suing co-stars Ceaser Emanuel (pictured left) and Teddy Ruks for battery over a 2018 fight that was caught on camera. Alex “claims the beatdown left him with permanent pain and disability” and wants more than $1 million in damages.

In show footage, Alex seemed to be on the fence about filing a lawsuit, but his girlfriend, Donna Lombardi, urges him to hit Ceaser where it hurts him most — his money and his tattoo business. “They need to suffer like how you suffered,” she says on camera, calling it her “mission” to get payback. “Since he wants to take money out of your pocket, let’s take money out of his pocket.”

How did it get to this point? Let’s rewind to that awful fight…

Alex didn't know if suing was 'the right thing to do'

A verbal argument during wedding festivities turned ugly fast. Video footage from the show (via The Shade Room,) captures Donna Lombardi trading tense words with Ceaser Emanuel. He rises from the table and approaches Alex Robinson, who is standing next to Donna and looking distressed. “You got something to say to me, man?” Ceaser asks as he approaches Alex. Moments later, arms are swinging and Alex is crashing backward over a table. Teddy Ruks appears to join the brawl too. 

According to a subsequent episode of Black Ink Crew, Ceaser hired an investigator to determine if Alex was lying about his injuries. [The investigator] “told me Alex ain’t even f**king faking it,” Ceaser reveals to his sister. “…He can’t pick his son up. He can’t tattoo.” Ceaser admits that he feels ashamed for doubting someone who’d looked up to him. “I did something that could possibly ruin this kid’s life.” 

Per TMZ, Alex “suffered significant tendon and ligament damage to his back,” but choosing to sue wasn’t an easy decision. “I come from the streets, and I don’t usually have the law helping me with my problems,” Alex says on the show. “But making sure [his son] Cam has everything he needs trumps everything.”

Only time will tell how this plays out and how it affects the TV series, but if the lawyer Alex met with is correct, he’s got a strong case. 

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