The Repair Shop’s Will Kirk details new project away from BBC series Its lovely

Lorraine: Will Kirk on his new show 'The Travelling Auctioneers'

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Will and his co-star Christina travel across the UK unearthing hidden gems and turning unwanted items into winning lots that could sell across the globe in The Travelling Auctioneers. The pair help one family at a time as they find bespoke items to sell from their vintage van. It’s a departure from The Repair Shop and Antiques Road Trip which both stars usually appear on.

Will joined Lorraine Kelly on her ITV show to give an update on the series and share the gender of his newborn baby.

Lorraine remarked: “Look, you’re going to be doing a new show, it’s called The Travelling Auctioneers. Tell me about that.”

“So Christina and I meet some incredible families who are either trying to raise money to visit their long lost relatives on the other side of the world or they’re downsizing and need to free up some space with furniture,” Will explained.

“We have a look around their house for hidden gems and then we auction them off.

“Anything broken on the way gets some restoration TLC and we drive around in this really sweet retro blue vintage French van thing.

“Then we sort of auction from that van. It’s lovely isn’t it?”

Lorraine gushed over an image of the vehicle: “I love that van, isn’t it cute. What a lovely idea. I really like that.

“So it’s kind of things you’ve got in your house that you didn’t know sometimes.”

“Or things you aren’t really using or for some reason you need to free up the space and rather than throw things in the bin, giving them over to someone else who can love them and cherish them as well,” Will continued.

In the same interview, Will revealed he and his wife Polly are expecting a baby girl next month.

He commented: “I had an antenatal class last night, changing nappies.

“We’re having a girl. We have a name, but we’ll wait until she’s there.”

“You know, that’s so right, because we did that until we had a few names,” Lorraine nodded.

“And then you see the little one and you go, ‘Oh yeah, she’s definitely a Rosie’. Isn’t it exciting though?”

Will is certainly excited to meet his little girl and has already started making toys for her to play with.

“I’m definitely ready,” he exclaimed. “I’m feeling so broody at the moment. I just can’t wait.

“Everyone asks me about the cot.

“I think I’ll leave that to the experts, but I have started making some wooden animals for her nursery.”

The Repair Shop airs Wednesday on BBC One at 8pm.

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