The Walking Dead season 11: Fans beyond ‘excited’ after ‘intense’ episode premieres

The Walking Dead: Season 11 previewed in tense new trailer

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AMC’s apocalyptic horror series, The Walking Dead has made its official return to screens for its final season and the survivors were back and fighting for their lives. The viewers couldn’t contain their excitement and took to Twitter to share their exhilaration.

The episode titled Acheron Part I saw the return of fan-favourites, including Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Carol (Melissa McBride) and other survivors on their hunt for resources.

The group gingerly made their way into Fort Connors where they stumble into a room full of sleeping zombies.

In the anxiety-inducing scene, the crew were able to fill their duffel bags with supplies for everyone in Alexandria until a nearly fatal error.

As they tip-toe past the hibernating dead, they accidentally woke the zombies after a drop of blood from Negan’s cut hand landed on one’s face.

As the crew returned to camp, they were faced with heavy rainfall during the night and were forced to relocate underground in Washington DC.

Despite Negan’s warnings, they continued to descend, passing some troubling graffiti and weird noises until they were stopped by heaps of rotting corpses in body bags.

This is where Negan and Maggie almost came to blows when she told the group to clear a path, Negan accused her of leading them on a “death march” after he had to single-handily kill a walker.

Maggie gets back at him and stated she only brought him along for his “local knowledge.”

Elsewhere at another survivors’ camp known as the Commonwealth, Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Princess (Paola Lázaro) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt) were being interrogated.

Mercer (Michael James Shaw) was introduced and observed as the group were asked endless questions about their old addresses, education and even bowel movements.

As the others struggle to find an escape route, Princess who had also observed the guards learned the names and found out two of them were having an affair which helped them come up with a plan.

However, as they make their way on their escape they come across a board littered with letters and photos of the missing. Then Yumiko found a note from her brother and decided against leaving the Commonwealth in case he was one of the 50,000 survivors living there.

During the hour-long episode, some viewers were live tweeting, whereas other took to the social media platform after it aired.

One wrote: “well damn that episode was INTENSE AND HELLA GOOD!!”

“So happy to finally be back in it, especially when I can be legit freaked at the end of the ep: ‘Negan, don’t you dare!’ And then of course he dared,” a second tweeted.

A third wrote: “That premiere was honestly epic as f**k! so excited for s11.”

“I’m so excited for this last season of The Walking Dead!” a fourth added.

Another fan shared their disappointment about this season being the final one in the series and wrote: “The final season of TWD is happening, I’m really sad because it’s 11 years since the first episode and a benchmark of how time passes so quickly.”

Thankfully for viewers, this won’t be the last they’re seeing some of their favourite characters.

AMC ordered a spin-off focused on Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol, which would be a continuation of their storylines.

Although showrunners have remained tight-lipped about the upcoming series, will be updated with more information.

The Walking Dead season 11 continues Sundays on AMC in the USA and will be available to watch on Star via Disney+ in the UK on August 23.

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