There Is Not a Dry Eye on Twitter After Watching Angel and Papi in Poses Latest Episode

Spoilers for Pose Episode 6 ahead.

Angel Evangelista deserves the perfect wedding, and in the newest episode of Pose, she finally got it. While we can thank Elektra for sponsoring the lavish ceremony, the nuptials were special not just for the fairytale setting, but also for its many tear-jerking moments.

First, let’s backtrack to just before the big event. After Papi decides to raise his son from a previous relationship, Angel gets cold feet. She isn’t ready to be a mom yet. She nearly cancels the wedding, but thanks to some coaxing from Blanca, she stays the course. Angel first meets with her father to tell him she’s getting hitched, but he does not accept the news. The rejection makes Angel realize how loving and supportive Papi has been all this time. She returns to him and agrees to co-parent his son, Beto, in a heartwarming reunion over pancakes. (Papi also gets extra points for teaching his child why it’s okay to cry.)

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