TikTok Star Drea Okeke Was Quarantined in Nigeria For How Long?!

Drea Okeke, a TikTok creator with nearly 5 million followers, stopped by Quibi's Close Up by E! News!

Close Up with family in quarantine.

2020 has been all about social distancing, quarantine and isolation—all due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic—and while most of us have been trapped at home, TikTok star Drea Okeke found herself stuck on a whole different continent!

The social media maven, who has nearly 5 million followers on TikTok alone, spilled the details on her predicament on Quibi's Close Up by E! News.

"I was quarantined in Nigeria," Okeke, better known as Drea KnowsBest, revealed. "I went back in March to go visit my parents and then I got stuck there because the flights—all international flights—were cancelled."

How long was Drea away from her Los Angeles home? 

"A good four months," she told Close Up hosts Will Marfuggi and Courtney Tezeno.

But that didn't stop the comedian from continuing to post hilarious TikToks—especially those that highlighted how strict her parents are. 

Now back in California, Drea explained that she still has to justify her career as a content creator to her parents: "My dad, I was on the phone with him the other day, and he was like, 'You know, Andrea, you should just get a part time job just to have a job on the side,'"

She continued, "I'm like 'I'm good! I don't need a job, I do have a job now!' They still don't see it as a job."

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Watch the whole interview on Close Up by E! News. You can download Quibi and catch the new episode here.

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