UK anti-war protestors branded silliest thing ever as Starkey rages over naivety

Dr David Starkey hits out over protesters on GB News

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Historian David Starkey appeared on GB News to discuss the latest developments in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, the 77-year-old presenter ended up hitting out over the anti-war demonstrators he has witnessed in Central London. He told host Nana Akua the “young people” campaigning against the ongoing conflict were the “silliest thing” he’s seen. 

David began: “We daren’t even fight a war, we daren’t even impose a no-fly zone because Russia has nuclear weapons.” 

He warned viewers that the UK “has got to learn to think” about the crisis, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians in Ukraine, before turning his attention towards anti-war demonstrators.

He said protestors are “the silliest thing that I have seen” before adding he “felt sorry for them and their naivety”. 

Explaining the reason behind his opinion, David recalled how he recently saw demonstrators in Central London on his way to a talk in Westminster. 

“It was one of the nights of the tube strikes and traffic was moving very slowly and we were going around Trafalgar Square,” he explained to Nana. 

“And you know the corner of Trafalgar Square where there is a ridiculous ice-cream cone monument?

“All around that there were hundreds of sweet young people you could hear them [saying], ‘No more war, no more war, give peace a chance.’ 

“What did they think they were doing? Who did they think was listening?”

He fumed: “Did they imagine [Vladimir] Putin was blushing red to the end of his hair and that he’d run in a state of complete shame?”

An enraged David went on to explain how “everything” has been heightened by social media. 

“People think if they say something on Twitter that they have done something,” he exclaimed. 

“They think if they post a nice blue and yellow flag they are actually making a gesture to Ukraine but it’s nothing.” 

His remarks come after hundreds of people, many of them with family in Ukraine, gathered in Trafalgar Square to protest against the war. 

The protestors could be heard singing the Ukrainian national anthem and chanting: “Stop Putin, stop the war.”

Many held placards saying “Putin terrorist” and “Protect Ukraine, Save Europe”, while others were draped in Ukraine’s national flag. 

Similar rallies have also taken place in Edinburgh and Manchester as well as in various countries around the globe. 

More than 1.5 million people have fled Ukraine into neighbouring counties since Russian President Putin declared a “full-scale” invasion of Ukraine. 

It’s been reported police detained more than 4,300 people at protests across Russia against the invasion on Sunday. 

According to the UK Government, Russian forces are not targetting “populated areas” in several Ukrainian cities. 

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