Want to See Deleted Scenes From ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’? There’s a Comic Book for That

For fans eager to fill in the gaps in storytelling left by J.J. Abrams’ 2019 film “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” the wait is over. According to StarWars.com, by way of The Film Stage, a forthcoming comic-book adaptation of the film, which concluded the Skywalker Saga in December last year, will recreate the film through panel illustrations, but it will also include deleted and extended scenes left out of the hit movie.

“I think one of the great things about adaptations in other mediums is you do get the chance to build out elements of the story there may not have been time or a place for on the screen,” said the comic’s writer, Jody Houser. “Giving light to new scenes gives the creators in these other mediums a chance to add to the story, rather than just translating it for the page.”

Featuring art by Will Sliney and covers by Phil Noto, the five-issue miniseries will kick off in May this year. “I think I’m more excited about some of the new things we’re adding, including expanding moments from the movie with elements we didn’t get to see on screen. Which is vague, but spoilers!” Houser said.

The comic will also reportedly include a nod to Kylo Ren’s infamous “Ben Solo shrug,” in which the redeemed villain faces down the Knights of Ren with a nonchalant “sure, whatever.”

“It’s both a fan-favorite scene, and the moment we truly see him as his father’s son, so that would be hard to leave out!” Houser said. She previously mounted a comic-book adaptation of “Rogue One,” the 2016 “Star Wars” spinoff film directed by Gareth Edwards.

There was plenty left unexplored in “The Rise of Skywalker” that could prove fodder for a comic-book adaptation, from the truncated role of Kelly Marie Tran‘s fan-favorite Rose Tico, to whatever the hell Finn said to Rey, and the dubious source of Palpatine’s return. He was long thought dead.

As Lucasfilm figures out what’s next for “Star Wars,” and turns its attention to series on Disney+ such as “The Mandalorian,” filmmaker J.D. Dillard and writer Matt Owens were reportedly tapped to develop a new feature for the franchise. Taika Waititi was also courted to develop a new “Star Wars” film, though no news exists yet for what the future of “Star Wars” holds on the big screen. For now, there are the comics. So far, upcoming “Star Wars” films on the docket are dated for December 16, 2022, with further installments set for December 2024 and December 2026,

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