What I Own: Lanre, who saved a £34,300 deposit for a two-bed house in Uxbridge

Can you actually buy a place in London without help from your parents or a wealthy partner?

According to Lanre, 32, yes. But it’s pretty bloody difficult.

Lanre is a petrophysicist for an oil and gas exploration company. He’s lived in London for years, previously renting a studio flat, and in 2015 he bought his first property: a two-bedroom house in Uxbridge that he still lives in now.

As part of our weekly homeownership series, What I Own, we took a look around his place and had a chat about how he made the property his own.

Hey, Lanre. Let’s talk deposit.

My deposit was £34,300 (12%) and I saved it with no help from other sources.

I had a general savings account from college/summer jobs which was invested in a very good rate fixed deposit with Natwest in 2007 in my first year of university.

The total cost of my home is £274,400.

So how much do you now need to pay to live here?

My mortgage is £730 a month and bills are around £145.

What was the process of getting a mortgage like?

I was very prepared, had a mortgage in principle 2 years before buying.

When did you move in?

I moved in April 2015. Before that I was renting a studio flat.

How did you find this place?

I wanted a house with a conservatory and freehold. I found this house through a letting agent.

What made you want to buy rather than renting?

It’s cheaper in the long run and a very good investment.

How have you made the house feel like home?

I renovated the kitchen and bathroom.

I’m a whisky lover, so I have my little whisky bar in the living room, too.

Do you feel like you have enough space?

Yes, I have enough space.

The conservatory and shed in the garden gives me extra storage.

Are there any problems with the house?

No issues at all. It’s a good buy!

What your plans for the future, housing-wise?

For now no plans to change home. Once I start a family, I will mostlikey move to a bigger house.

Fair. Let’s take a look around.

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