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BACHELOR Nation have their picks for who the next Bachelorette could be since news broke today the big announcement will be made on Monday, March 2nd.

Good Morning America will reveal who the next leading lady of the ABC franchise will be and fans have narrowed down their choices to past and current favorites.

28-year-old Peter Weber’s drama-filled season will air its two-night finale on March 9th and 10th.

Filming for season 16 of The Bachelorette is expected to begin later that month and will air throughout early Summer starting in May.

Who is most likely to get the top honor?

Kelsey Weier

The pageant queen, 25, who starred in “Champagne-gate” on Pilot Pete’s season of The Bachelor has reportedly done an interview with production about being casted as the lead.

Iowa native Kelsey has spent recent weeks in Los Angeles which fans believe could be for Bachelorette talk.

The blonde beauty has previously claimed it was never her “intent or goal” to score the position but is open to the possibility.

However, viewers of the show have pushed for the reality star to land the job after being applauded for her commitment to find a life partner.

One fan tweeted: “My theory for the next bachelorette is Kelsey because she said a lot of the “I deserve to be loved” s**t on her way out”

“Kelsey is the next bachelorette and I know this because the producers have so many jokes about champagne that they want to use they just can't let this one go that easy,” another viewer wrote.

Earlier this season, Kelsey had a now-infamous fight with finalist Hannah Ann over a bottle of champagne which later exploded in her face – literally – when she went to take a sip with Peter.

Her ex agrees with the fan passion as Peter told ET: "She wants this so bad and I think she's just got a lot of great qualities for it.”

Tayshia Adams

29-year-old runner-up Tayshia from Colton Underwood’s season also won hearts over last Summer when she began a relationship with John Paul Jones on Bachelor in Paradise.

The Orange County resident has also been in talks with producers and has even had a formal audition for the position, Reality Steve claims.

After being left devastated by Colton who left her stranded for his still-girlfriend Cassie, viewers have begged the show to make her the next Bachelorette.

The medical professional was previously married in 2016 but got a divorce just one year later and has openly talked about being ready to find her one true love.

Tayshia comes from African-American and Mexican heritage and fans have begged to see more people with various ethnic backgrounds on the show for years.

The franchise has long been criticized for the lack of diversity as the only person of color who has starred as the lead during the 20 year run of the show was Rachel Lindsay in 2017 as the first African-American Bachelorette.

One fan commented: "By casting the bachelorette early it gives the producers more time to recruit. Tayshia is bi-racial & this allows them to find some men of mixed backgrounds or African-American.”

“Prayer circle that Tayshia is the next Bachelorette. I hope the producers actually give a crap about diversifying this stale series,” another hopeful watcher said.

“Tayshia is the only person deserving of being the next bachelorette and that’s that on that,” a viewer decided.

Tia Booth

Arkansas’ Tia, 28, appeared on Arie Luyendyk Jr’s season of The Bachelor before having a notoriously complicated fling with Colton on Bachelor in Paradise.

The brunette Southern bell has also been said to have talked with the show’s producers about being chosen for the next lead.

She continually keeps up with the fans on social media and “live-tweets” the episodes weekly.

Fans begged her to be the choice after Arie’s season before the position went to Becca Kufrin, 29, after she was dumped by the race car driver after their engagement.

After Colton’s season this year, her name was brought up again before Hannah Brown, 25, was ultimately decided upon.

“I’ve decided that Tia Booth should be the next Bachelorette. I don’t make the rules,” a viewer adamantly stated.

When series creator Mike Fleiss asked for advice on who their pick for the next Bachelorette should be and former NFL player Colton responded “Tia.”

Claire Crawley

The 38-year-old might be a shocking pick for fans since she is no longer “on the radar” which is all the more reason they believe she is a top contender.

The Californian health enthusiast has been a staple in the franchise since her first appearance on controversial star Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of The Bachelor in 2014.

She also appeared in season one and two of Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelor Winter Games in 2018 – but left all of the shows without finding love.

Her noticeable age difference between the younger women from the current season could be an answer to fan cries that the contestants are far too “immature" and “emotionally unstable."

Viewers of the show think her outspoken personality could make her an interesting and strong female lead.

“The new Bachelorette is going to be Claire like I’ll put money on it,” a fan predicted.

Another Bachelor Nation member said: “If the rumors are true about the next bachelorette and it is Claire, IM HERE FOR IT!!!!!!

“We could use someone a little bit more mature after this disaster season on actual children. Plus she is just cute as a button and swell :)”

The rumors intensified she is ABC’s pick when someone wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post that it was “confirmed” the pretty blonde would “officially” be the next Bachelorette.

Kelley Flanagan

The 27-year-old Chicago attorney has been a fan-favorite since the beginning of Peter’s season.

Viewers praised the “unbothered queen” for staying out of the constant drama that took over the episodes.

It was reported by Reality Steve that Kelley was NOT invited to the Women Tell All taping which filmed last week and claimed that takes her off the list of contenders.

However, fans have still held out hope the “honest” and “genuine” brunette beauty will be the person producers choose.

One person who thinks her not going to the taping is an advantage said: “I think Peter either goes back to Kelley or she’ll be announced as bachelorette on Monday morning.

“She wasn’t “invited” to Women to All and there has to be a reason for that. Also, the only contestant Peter’s parents follow on IG is @kelleyflanagan.”

“Kelley the next bachelorette 100%. If she is not I’m going to body slam someone,” a passionate viewer exclaimed.

Madison Prewett , 23, Victoria Fuller, 26, and Hannah Ann Sluss, 23 are still in the running for Peter’s heart.

Viewers believe the sudden announcement that will air before their on-air stories concludes eliminates them from being Bachelorette possibilities.

The Bachelor returns next week with the Women Tell All special, and the two-part finale is expected to air on March 9th and 10th at 8pm EST on ABC.

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