Australian tourist infected with coronavirus dies in Iceland: reports

An Australian tourist has died at a medical centre in Iceland on Monday while showing signs of coronavirus, according to Icelandic media.

The tourist, reported to be an Australian in his 30s or 40s, "arrived seriously ill" at a healthcare centre in Húsavík, in the north-east Iceland and "died shortly after arrival yesterday," according to a report on the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service's website.

"His symptoms were not typical for the virus, however, and the cause of his death is under investigation," rus.iv reported.

The Australian's wife also tested positive for coronavirus and is in isolation, a separate publication reported.

A later update quoted epidemiologist Þorólfur Guðnason, who clarified: "While [the tourist] was found to be infected with the coronavirus, it is unlikely to have been the cause of his death."

The presence of coronavirus would require healthcare workers who came into contact with him to be quarantined.

"Complex work will follow in this case, both surrounding the man's death and in supporting his nearest," according to an unattributed statement.

"It is also necessary to support the healthcare workers who came into contact with the man and put them into quarantine, sanitise the healthcare centre, at the same time as ensuring essential health services for the people of Húsavík."

The COVID-19 coronavirus has infected 242,000 people and killed 9800 since emerging late last year in China. The spread of the virus has upended global travel, trade and markets as governments scramble to contain the outbreak.

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