Boy, eight, finds world's longest chip at 22cm in bag of Morrisons frozen fries

NICE one, spud . . . proud Ethan Emms dangles the world’s longest chip he found in an 85p bag of Morrisons frozen fries.

Ethan, eight, was emptying the contents on a baking tray when the 22cm (8.66in) goliath dropped out in Stamford, Lincs.

Ethan said: “We emptied out a Morrisons 85 bag of straight cut chips and out came the super fry.

“My brothers wanted to eat him but he’s still chilling in the freezer. I’m happy to tell people I’ve got the world’s biggest chip on my shoulder.”

Dad Jamie, 31, said: “The thud was like the sound of a bullet ricocheting off a tank.

“Ethan has cleared a space for it in the freezer, we don’t know what to do with it.

“If we move house, it will have to move with us.”

It comes days after Richard Lay-Flurrie, 27, found an 20.5cm (8.1in) frozen chip in a bag in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.

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