Boy racers jailed for killing girl, 17, in crash judge described as 'one of the worst cases of dangerous driving'

TWO teenagers have been a jailed in "one of the worst cases of dangerous driving" that killed a teen during in a race where speeds topped 90mph.

Olivia Alkir, 17, screamed and begged for the 17-year-old driver, who cannot be named for legal reasons, to slow down as he raced in his Ford Fiesta on the B5105 in North Wales.

Thomas Quick, 18, egged his pal on to hurl down the carriageway at 80mph last June when the vehicle collided into an oncoming Mercedes.

Olivia, who was the deputy head girl of her school, was killed in the crash and had desperately pleaded from the backseat for the driver to slow down.

Both male teens admitted at Mold Crown Court to causing the death of Olivia and injuring four others by dangerous driving.

Judge Parry condemned the incident as "one of the worst examples of dangerous driving one could imagine".

He added: "You two were the cause of those dreadful consequences. That was purely down to your arrogance, selfishness and egotistical conduct."

He said to teens: "You have had the benefit of excellent upbringings. This isn't a case involving vulnerable, poorly-educated, disadvantaged young people."

You two were the cause of those dreadful consequences. That was purely down to your arrogance, selfishness and egotistical conduct.

Judge Parry also pledged to write to the Government, calling for a ban on newly-qualified drivers from carrying more than one passenger for a year.

Quick was driving a Ford Ta and had "manipulated" his friend into racing with him, the court heard.

The boy saw a chance to race Quick as a "final window of opportunity" before his car was fitted with a speed limiter.

The 17-year-old had passed his driving test a day before and had been warned twice by his teachers about reckless driving.

On the day of the crash, the group of pals travelled in three cars to nearby Llyn Brenig, with Quick and the 17-year-old racing each other.

The boy, who had Olivia in the back, drove on the opposite side of the single carriageway and boasted about his victories, the court heard.

Friends had commented he "seemed to think he was invincible" after reaching speeds of 110mph while approaching a 20mph zone.

He had also driven into a ditch after a near-miss with another vehicle.

The friends soon made their way to B5105 where Quick went first with the other boy following behind him.

The boy was travelling at speeds of 70mph and 80mph as his passengers – including Olivia – were screaming for him to slow down.

The Fiesta then collided into an oncoming Mercedes and killed Olivia upon impact.

Two other teen girls suffered life-changing injuries and the Mercedes driver Dylan Jones spent 54 days in hospital and now suffers from a limp.

Judge Parry said he hoped this case deter "young impressionable people, often influenced by peer pressure" from participating in dangerous behaviour.

Olivia's mum Joanna called her daughter a "beautiful only child" in a heart-breaking impact statement.

She said: "Our world was shattered when she was needlessly killed. We were the proudest parents on earth."

Judge Parry sentenced Quick and the 17-year-old to five years in custody – of which they will serve half before being released on licence.

They were also disqualified from driving for five years and 30 months.

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