Brother of Jeff Bezos girlfriend attacked by man screaming 'f**k you' just days after filing lawsuit against Amazon boss

THE BROTHER of Jeff Bezos' girlfriend was attacked in the street by a man who threatened to kill him and whacked him with a bike – just days after filing a defamation lawsuit against the Amazon chief.

Michael Sanchez, 54, was approached by a man on a bike screaming: "F**k you" and "Don't ignore me" before the suspect picked up the bike and struck him with it, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff's report, obtained by The Sun.

The suspect also allegedly screamed "I'm going to kill you" according to onlookers to the incident, which took place in West Hollywood on February 5.

The alleged attack happened just days after Sanchez filed a lawsuit against the billionaire and his head of security Gavin de Becker accusing them of defaming him by falsely saying he had leaked nude picture of Bezos to the National Enquirer, the magazine which broke the story about his sister's extra marital affair with the world's richest man.

The sheriff's report states: "Sanchez told me he was suddenly approached by a male White adult (later identified as the suspect) on a bicycle.

"While the suspect remained on his bicycle, the suspect started screaming at Sanchez's direction.

"The suspect repeatedly said, 'F**k You' and 'Don't ignore me'"

It added: "The suspect then lifted the front end of the bicycle and struck Sanchez on the right arm."

Sanchez tried to run away from the suspect but he placed his hand on his shoulder and "applied pressure", according to the report.

He then managed to pull away from the suspect's grip and escape by running into the middle of the street on Santa Monica Boulevard, it added.

When approached by The Sun, Sanchez said he could not comment on an ongoing police investigation.

However a family source said: "Michael was shaken by the incident and we are concerned for his safety.

Sanchez filed his lawsuit against Bezos and de Becker on January 31, claiming the pair "falsely stated that Mr Sanchez was the source of graphic nude pictures of Mr Bezos".

In the suit, he also accused them of falsely stating that Sanchez has been "shopping around" a story about his sister Lauren's affair with Bezos and "peddled rumors" he was involved in a conservative conspiracy to "take down" Bezos.

Sanchez claims he was acting as a manager and publicist for his sister when he made a deal with National Enquirer publishers AMI so he could "manage the timing of the story and the way in which the affair was portrayed".

Bezos has not yet commented on the lawsuit but his lawyer said it will be addressed in court.

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