Coronavirus doctors spark panic in Tesco after popping in to buy supplies as staff fear they’ve been put at risk – The Sun

TESCO staff fear they were put at risk when staff treating suspected coronavirus patients popped in for supplies.

The workers were told there was a “massive breach of protocol” when workers left a nearby isolation centre in Milton Keynes, Bucks.

One Tesco Extra insider said: “This place was supposed to be on lockdown so why on Earth is someone in contact with suspected patients being allowed to pop into the local supermarket?”

Bosses at Tesco later insisted on delivering groceries and supplies to the isolation centre’s entrance.

A total of 118 Brits were held in quarantine at Kents Hill Park Training and Conference Centre for 14 days after flying back from China.

Milton Keynes University Hospital, which supplied the nurses, insisted proper procedures had been followed.

All 118 people quarantined tested negative for coronavirus after 14 days in isolation and were allowed home.

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