Coronavirus rocks LA community close to Kim Kardashian and Will Smith as dad and two sons test positive after Italy trip – The Sun

A DAD and his two adult sons have been struck down with coronavirus in an exclusive enclave of Los Angeles after a ski trip to Italy.

They were reportedly among 15 friends who have all come down with symptoms since returning home to a number of US states.

Seven of the group tested positive when they landed at Los Angeles Airport.

They include Pam Angel's husband Dennis, 75, and sons Brian, 49, and Cory, 50, who live in Tarzana in the San Fernando Valley north of LA.

The upmarket neighbourhood is less than ten miles from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's home near Calabasas. Drake, Will Smith and Katie Holmes also have home nearby.

Pam's husband and younger son are in quarantine at home but older son Cory – who has an underlying health condition – is in hospital.

Pam told CBS2-TV: "He can't talk without coughing. He feels like he has a pallet of bricks on his chest, he's not eating."

Pam said they fell ill while in Italy last month, but they did not know then there was an outbreak in the country.

She said: “It’s been aired that it was over in Asia and in China, but it wasn’t being aired that it was anywhere else.”

Pam said she has not been allowed to see Cory but spoke to him on Facetime.

She told ABC news last night: "Today, he is feeling worse than he felt yesterday, and he looked awful. It broke my heart."

Another four from their group are also in quarantine, Los Angeles County authorities said.

A healthcare worker who was screening passengers at LAX was among six new coronavirus cases confirmed in the county on Wednesday.

The Angels were reportedly in a group of around 15 who flew back to the US on February 27 after a ski trip in Cortina d'Ampezzo in the Dolomite mountains.

Other members of the group who live outside the Los Angeles area have also fallen ill, reports.

Some are said to have returned to Arizona where there are two reported cases.

Another US citizen on the trip is said to be in a coma in a hospital in Italy.

A source told "There were about 15 friends in the group that went on the ski trip in Northern Italy.

"They are all sick and one friend is still in Italy. He is American but lives in Switzerland. He is in a coma.

"The other friends live in different states, including Arizona. One person has been coughing up blood. It's much worse than what's being told to the public."

Italy has suffered the worst outbreak outside Asia with more than 3,800 cases and 148 deaths.

Across the US, there are 233 confirmed cases and 12 deaths.

Last night Vice-President Mike Pence warned the US does not have enough test kits and hospitals could be "overrun" as authorities battle to contain the spread.

Officials are trying to trace 2,500 passengers who got off the Grand Princess cruise liner which is now quarantined off San Francisco.

One elderly passenger died after sailing on the ship last month.

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