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THERE have been 19 confrimed cases of coronavirus so far in the UK and one British death from the flu.

UK medics are working "round the clock" to prevent the killer bug as panic about a pandemic spreads.

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Where have cases of coronavirus been confirmed in the UK?

There have been 19 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK as of February 28, 2020.

Public Health England bosses have now confirmed more cases are "highly likely" in the UK.

It comes as health bosses warn of a potential pandemic/

The first diagnosed were two members of the same family who were quarantined and treated in Newcastle.

A "super-spreader" in Brighton unwittingly spread the virus after contracting the disease in Singapore.

Here's the confirmed cases in the UK so far:

  • January 31 – first two cases confirmed in UK, with one revealed to be a student at York University
  • February 6 – Brit businessman diagnosed in Brighton was infected in Singapore and unknowingly became a super-spreader, passing the virus on in France and UK. Later identified as Steve Walsh
  • February 9 – fourth person in UK tests positive and is treated at The Royal Free Hospital, London. The person had come into contact with a known carrier of the illness, Steve Walsh, in France
  • February 10 – four more – three men and a woman – test positive for the killer bug. Two are confirmed as GPs. All were known contacts of Brit businessman Steve Walsh
  • February 12 – woman becomes first coronavirus case confirmed in London bringing the total to nine
  • February 23 – Department of Health and Social Care confirm four new cases
  • February 27 – one person diagnosed with coronavirus in Northern Ireland
  • February 28 – Wales confirms its first case and two other English people test positive bringing the total to 19 before the first British person to die of coronavirus is reported in Japan as a passenger on the Diamond Princess Cruise

What precautions is the UK taking against coronavirus?

Prof Doyle said washing hands with soap and water is more effective than wearing a face mask, although face masks are important for staff to use in hospitals when dealing with suspected cases.

And she urged anyone who has entered the UK from Wuhan and who has fallen ill with a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, to contact NHS 111.

The government has introduced advanced monitoring at airports with direct flights from China.

A 24-hour team of public health experts has also been established in Heathrow to support anyone travelling in from China who feels unwell.

Temporary cabins have been placed in NHS car parks as “assessment pods” to keep suspected victims away from A&Es.

Where else in the world have cases of coronavirus been confirmed?

  • China – 78,824 cases
  • South Korea – 2,337 cases
  • Italy – 655 cases
  • Iran – 270 cases
  • Japan – 226 cases 
  • Diamond Princess cruise ship – 705 cases
  • Hong Kong – 94 cases
  • United States – 60 cases
  • Thailand – 41 cases
  • Taiwan – 34 cases
  • Australia – 23 cases
  • Malaysia – 23 cases
  • Germany – 48 cases
  • Vietnam – 16 cases
  • UAE – 19 cases
  • UK – 19 cases
  • France – 38 cases
  • Canada – 14 cases
  • Macau – ten cases
  • Bahrain – 33 cases
  • Kuwait – 43 cases
  • Spain – 25 cases
  • Philippines – three cases
  • India – three cases
  • Russia – two cases
  • Oman – two cases
  • Afghanistan – one case
  • Nepal – one case
  • Cambodia – one case
  • Israel – one case
  • Belgium – one case
  • Lebanon – one case
  • Finland – one case
  • Sweden – one case
  • Iraq – one case
  • Egypt  – one case
  • Lithuania – one case
  • Georgia  – one case
  • Nigeria – one case
  • Norway – one case
  • Belgium – one case
  • Netherlands – one case
  • Algeria – one case
  • New Zealand – one case
  • Brazil – one case
  • Romania – one case
  • Estonia – one case
  • Egypt– one case
  • Sri Lanka – one case


How many people have been tested in the UK?

According to 7,132 people have been tested in the UK as of February 28.

Efforts are continuing to trace the 2,000 people who have entered the UK from China on international flights.

Health secretary Matt Hancock also announced plans to trial at-home tests for those suspected of having the virus.

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