Coronavirus victim’s son had just 15 minutes to say goodbye because the disease is so infectious – The Sun

THE SON of a coronavirus victim got just 15 minutes to say goodbye — as it is so infectious.

The grandad, 88, died on Friday night at North Manchester Hospital after being found collapsed at his home on Tuesday.

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He had been to a party with people who had gone to Italy on a ski trip.

The man was initially said to have sepsis and tested negative for Covid-19, but later tested positive after being swabbed again.

His 54-year-old son said he had to wear protective gear, including gloves and a mask, to visit him.

The rest of the time the family were in a relatives room and kept in touch on a dedicated phoneline.


The son said: "The difficulty is as soon as coronavirus is suspected you can’t be treated as a normal patient in hospital.

"You can’t go for scans, you can’t leave the room, you can’t have bloods tested.

"To say goodbye to him I had to wear professional protective equipment, two pairs of gloves, a face mask.

"Tears were streaming down my face. The hospital don’t like anyone to stay longer than 15 minutes.

"It took longer to remove the equipment than being with my dad. It sounds awful, but seeing him was the most terrifying thing I have ever done.

"The hospital was so serious about how dangerous this is. Putting all of the kit on was completely scary.”

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