Dad of ‘murdered’ Gannon Stauch files for divorce against stepmom accused of killing him – The Sun

THE husband of Letecia Stauch, who is accused of killing her 11-year-old stepson, Gannon Stauch, filed for divorce Thursday.

Albert Stauch has called off his marriage to Letecia, who is facing first-degree murder charges after Gannon disappeared in January.

A spokesperson at the Office of the State Court Administrator confirmed the filing to The Sun on Friday.

Albert Stauch said his marriage is "irretrievably broken" in the documents.

The filing also shows Albert ordered the family dog, a three to four-month-old Blue French Bulldog named Sadie, be returned to him immediately.

The dad also said he won't be giving Letecia spousal support.

Letecia Stauch was arrested in South Carolina on Monday and extradited to Colorado.

While in the back of a transport vehicle, Stauch allegedly slipped out of her handcuffs and attacked a deputy, sources told KKTV.

This reportedly led to her transport being abruptly halted, and to her spending the night in a Kansas jail before continuing to Colorado.

Stauch then appeared in court via video on Thursday, wearing a black suicide safety smock — which helps prisoners from taking their own lives — and was told of the charges she'll face formally in court next week.

She was charged with murder after Gannon disappeared January 27.

Gannon's body has not yet been found, but police say they do not believe the young boy is alive.

“As you can see from our arrest, sadly, we do not believe Gannon is alive," a spokesperson said when police announced Letecia Stauch's arrest on Monday.

“This is not the outcome that anybody here wanted.”

CCTV footage from a neighbor's camera just five hours before the boy disappeared allegedly showed Gannon getting into his stepmom's truck, but returning home alone.

Letecia Stauch claimed that Gannon walked to a friend's house sometime in the afternoon on January 27, and then went missing.

The accused murderer claimed a "saucer-sized pool of blood" found in Gannon's bedroom was from repetitive nosebleeds he had, and that another spot of blood found in the garage was from an accident when he cut his foot days before he disappeared.

A sock and bloody 2×4 board were also reportedly found in the woods near Douglas County.

Letecia Stauch claimed the blood on the board was also from an accident, and that it and the sock could have fallen out of the back of the car, she told CrimeOnline.

The accused stepmom previously claimed that she had been cleared of wrongdoing by police, and gave a detailed account of how she allegedly spent the last 24 hours with the boy before he disappeared.

Gannon's mom, Landen Hiott, sobbed openly and demanded justice for her son when the charges against Letecia Stauch were announced earlier this week.

"Never thought I’d be standing here. It’s a nightmare," Landen said as she choked back tears.

"She will pay 100 percent for this heinous thing she’s done," she said of Letecia Stauch.

"I wanna leave this earth knowing that justice will be served for my little boy."

Stauch appeared to smirk through her entire arraignment hearing in South Carolina on Tuesday before began her extradition journey to Colorado.

She will be officially charged on March 11 in Colorado court.

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