Daughter stabbed mum to death before writing fake suicide note asking for ‘forgiveness’ & posting birthday message

A TWISTED daughter callously killed her mum and then hid her body in a broom cupboard before writing a fake suicide note in an attempt to cover up the brutal attack.

Cassandra Scott, 36, stabbed her mum Beverley, 58, ten times in the back after arguing with her about money at their home in Longsight, Manchester, last year.

The evil killer dragged her mum’s bloody body to a cupboard and wrapped her in plastic sheeting, bedspreads and old curtains.

She then took her mum's credit card and went on a spending spree – forking out on drugs, booze and snacks.

Scott moved in with a pal and continued to use her mum's phone to make it seem as though she was still alive.

She even painted the blood spattered walls and placed a rug at the bottom of the stairs to try to hide the evidence of her crimes.

Neighbours were told that Beverley had taken a trip, while Scott told other pals that her mum had died in hospital from natural causes.

Sick Scott even penned a fake suicide note and posted a message wishing her Happy Birthday on Facebook just 24 hours after murdering her.

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Beverley’s body was undiscovered for more than two months until a concerned council housing officer forced entry to her home and found her.

A jury at Manchester Crown Court found Scott guilty of murder, and she was jailed for life with a minimum of 17 years behind bars.

The court heard that Scott had been repeatedly violent towards her mum, punching her to the ground and kicking her in the chest.

Beverley, who had two other children, forgave her daughter but called 999 after a later incident and said that she was “terrified” of her.

Scott moved in with her mum in March 2021 after splitting with her boyfriend, killing her between March 25 and April 1.

Prosecuting, Peter Cadwallader told the court that neighbours raised the alarm after spotting she had not been walking her dog and failed to go to any appointments.

A post mortem found that she had ten stab wounds to her back, four in her upper back and neck area and six in the middle of her back.

Two of the wounds had pierced through into her chest cavity on her right side and penetrated so deeply it had gone through her right lung and into the back of her heart.

Scott later handed herself into police and when interviewed said she accidentally knifed her mother during a row about her wanting to get back with her ex-partner.

Callously she claimed her mother picked up a knife to attack her, before she disarmed her and stabbed her with the 21cm blade in self-defence.


In evidence Scott told jurors: "She was just basically saying she didn't want me to go.

"I just remember we were arguing and she picked up the knife, I just remember her coming at me and she put it towards my neck.

“It just happened so quick, everything happened so fast. Somehow I got the knife off her. I felt like I just blacked out. I loved my mum."

When asked why she hid her body in the cupboard Scott said: "I don't know, I probably just didn't want it to be real that she was gone. I knew that she would get found."

Sentencing Scott, Justice Neil Calver told her: "Beverley did not deserve to die such a violent and terrifying death. She was unarmed, defenceless and had her back turned to you.

"You are prone to violent outbursts of temper but Beverley had no history of violence – in fact she was not a violent woman and she has never caused you any physical harm at all.

"I'm sure she did not come at you with a knife as you claimed – as you did not have any defensive injuries.

"Beverley it should be said also had no defensive injuries but that was because you had taken her by surprise in this savage attack.

"You pounced on her with the knife when her back was turned away from you.

"Even then she tried to escape but you pursued her and inflicted further stab wounds to her back in cold blood and left her to die at the foot of the stairs.

I felt like I just blacked out. I loved my mum.

"Your explanation of self-defence and that Beverley was the aggressor was callous and cowardly. Not only did you kill your mother, you also sought to blacken her name.

"We might never know what triggered this horrific outburst of violence against your mother.

"It may have been an argument over money but I don't believe it was a row over you going back to your ex-partner.

"What you did after the murder was equally shocking. You did not trouble an ambulance and did not check whether she was dead before hiding her in the cupboard.

"You then used her cash card to plunder her account and use the money on crack cocaine, alcohol and snacks.

"You lied to worried relatives and friends saying your mother was still alive to thrown them off the scent whilst you thought of a way to save you own skin.

"You left a trail of texts to suggest she was still alive when you knew she was dead. It was heartless and calculating behaviour.

"This was a brutal killing of a defenceless woman, your own mother, followed by your concealment of the body, your lies to your family and friends about her whereabouts and your use of her funds to indulge yourself."

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