Daunte Wright’s brother demands killer cop Kim Potter arrested for MURDER but ‘does not condone’ violence over shooting

THE BROTHER of the 20-year-old Black man shot dead by police during a traffic stop has called for killer cop Kim Potter to be arrested for his murder – but said his family "does not condone" violent demonstrations.

Damik Wright demanded the 25-year veteran officer and her accompanying colleagues be dealt with "like they did with the George Floyd case" ahead of the Washington County attorney's announcement on their decision whether or not to file criminal charges against Potter.

She fired a single fatal shot that killed Daunte Wright on Sunday in an attempt to stop him fleeing, but police claim she accidentally fired her service weapon and only intended to use her taser.

The grief-consumed family have since urged authorities to charge Potter with murder after declaring the shooting was racially motivated.

In an emotional interview on ITV's Good Morning Britain, Damik detailed their anguish.

"My brother should not be laid up in a metal box and a bag right now.

I cried so much to the point that I can't cry no more. I have no tears. It hurts now, my eyes burn."

Damik's pain is proving the driving force behind his mission to prosecute Potter, in a case that tragically resembles George Floyd's death in May last year.

The shooting occurred just 11 miles from where Floyd was killed by Officer Derek Chauvin and has similarly sparked nationwide protests alongside international condemnation of the Minnesota Police Department's conduct.

"You guys work together, you guys were all at the scene of a murder, the scene of a homicide… you guys should all be dealt with the same way.

"Just like they did with the George Floyd case," Damik continued.

"You're not just a rookie in this… You've been in the force for longer than I've been alive. Come on, make that make sense."

Despite his inevitable anger at Daunte's untimely death, he encouraged protestors to remain peaceful and said the family "does not condone" any violence.

"They not doing nothing but making it harder for us to get justice for my little brother.

"So I don't respect it, we don't condone it, we don't want none of that – we just want justice for Daunte Wright."

The heartfelt plea comes as the community waits with bated breath to see if Potter, who was training up a new officer at the time of the shooting, will face criminal charges.

Washington County Attorney Pete Orput said he had trawled through footage and other evidence for hours and hinted charges – which he didn't clarify the nature of – would be filed by today.

"We've already done a great deal of research," Orput said.

It comes after Potter and Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon both resigned – a day after the City Council voted to terminate the pair.

Damik's comments follow a string of heartbreaking statements from Daunte's loved ones.

His other elder brother, Dallas Bryant, told a crowd at a vigil for the father-of-one: "I could never understand that fear of being pulled over by the cops. Why? Because I am a White man. I will never understand it.

"Most of you all have seen the video. I can tell my brother was scared. My brother lost his life because they were trigger-happy.

"You know your right from your left. You know the difference between plastic and metal. We all know it. We know the difference between night and day."

The mother of his son, Chyna Whitaker said, "My son, he don't have a dad. His dad didn't get to see him for his 2nd birthday."

Daunte's aunt Naisha Wright told a crowd at an emotional press conference: "They murdered my nephew. She killed my nephew."

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