Gap closes NYC office after employee contracts coronavirus

Gap closed its New York corporate office Friday after an employee tested positive for the coronavirus.

Staffers of the preppy clothing brand were spotted coming in and out of the 55 Thomas St. building in Tribeca to collect their belongings, with some using hand sanitizer and kicking the door open as they exited.

“There’s a person that has coronavirus,” said one woman, who wouldn’t give her name.

“Basically, it’s low-risk if you didn’t work with this person, medium-risk if you did, but the offices are closed.”

Another Gap worker confirmed: “Somebody has the virus.”

In an email to staffers obtained by Bloomberg, the retailer said it was “taking extreme precaution” and closing the building.

“Employees should work from home until further notice,” the company said.

Coronavirus Map

It’s unclear when the offices will reopen. Gap didn’t respond to a request for comment from The Post.

There are currently five cases of Covid-19 in the Big Apple, including one person from out of town.

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